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Found 5 results

  1. Solid rumour says it will be launched ahead of schedule on 2nd March. It will have a minimum of 3GB of RAM like recent models in the Note series, but 4GB is a possibility. This contrasts with 1GB in recent iPhones, the stingyness of which has many Apple fans unhappy. Here's the rest: 64-bit eight-core 14nm CPU which is 50% faster5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display with a 577ppi density, stunning outdoor visibility, super dim mode for late night.A huge 20 megapixel OIS camera sensor and a 5 megapixel f/1.8 front-facing camera with real-time HDR32 / 64 / 128GB of storage2550mAh batteryBui
  2. threegee

    Iphone 6

    We've known for a while that the iPhone 6 was going to be a fair bit bigger (once again), but here is a leak of one of the dummies supplied to case manufacturers to ensure they have their sizing absolutely correct. The white phone is, of course, a Sammy Galaxy S5. The Apple copy of the Galaxy Note seems to be due later. That this exists is in no doubt, and is another climb-down for a firm which ridiculed the original Note (and just about everything else they have slowly backtracked on). The Note 4 will be out near year end, so Apple have a lot of catching up to do. What it will be call
  3. How's your Russian? Why for sure? Because it exactly matches all the other leaks of component parts from far-east contractors, and they've split it open to see the works! Plus the source has rep for not pulling hoaxes. There's going to be two models (4.7" and 5.5") of course, as Apple have been losing out big time to much larger and much more usable smartphones. So... yet another Steve Jobs myth bust: this time the ideal size of a smartphone. But, the Apple marketing machine is really good at rewriting history, and in leaving its past customers high and dry. That might be excusa
  4. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/os/devices/#zte_openc The Alcatel One Touch Fire is being sold by national network TIM in Italy for less than sixty euros just at the moment, though they seem to have run out them for now. Out of the entire bunch the Alcatel One Touch Fire E seems to be the best proposition: Apparently they are being made available in: Czech RepublicGermanyPolandRAM is still limited to 512MB but it has a more usable 4.5" screen and a tad faster dual core CPU. qHD means quarter HD i.e. 960x540 which isn't at all bad for general use. The only price indicator I can fin
  5. About Bedlington Bedlington is a town situated in South East Northumberland, England, United Kingdom, with a population of roughly 15,400, measured at 18,470 at the 2011 Census. It is a former mining town roughly 10 miles (16 km) north of the nearest city, Newcastle upon Tyne and 4.5 miles (7 km) southeast of the county town of Morpeth. Other nearby places include Ashington to the north northeast, Blyth to the east and Cramlington to the south. About This Website Bedlington.co.uk was initially launched in 2000 by the then Chamber of Trade. Re-launched in 2005 it now serves
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