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Found 1 result

  1. Well at least a small part of it does. That part is The European Scrutiny Committee, and they've scrutinised: Is there a single person in this country that trusts Duplicitous Dave to deliver on any more of his "cast iron" promises? His record is abysmal, and this time he'll be gone by the time his cheque is presented. There are 27 huge reasons why nothing will ever be delivered, and why the EU will continue on its merry way to obliterating our country from the world map! This is by far the most important vote we'll ever be allowed in our lifetime. The result won't be for five years, it will affect our children and many generations yet unborn. Cameron has said their won't be a second chance, and there at least he's right: a YES vote will be for keeps, but a NO vote will be spun into a maybe - we'll still need to be vigilant. There will be an attempt to make the British public believe that a Yes vote is a vote for the status quo, and that a No vote will be playing with fire, and terribly terribly risky. The bald truth is that there is no status quo on offer! It's the German way and total loss of our democracy, or we get our country back! Simples! Any politico that tries to spin it otherwise needs to be put in their place, and reminded who they serve.
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