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Found 4 results

  1. until
    Manchester’s ferocious folk foursome - 4Square - is now in their 10th year of wowing audiences from all four corners of Europe and beyond. On Sunday 5th March, they are making a welcome return to the Bedlington Community Centre. Their previous visit was an absolutely wonderful evening, so come down on Sunday to see for yourself why this young band have got such a high reputation on the UK folk scene. This powerful young quartet with their fiery, inventive and virtuosic brand of alternative folk have played at festivals and venues all across the UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden, The Czech Republic, Greece, and Denmark as well as releasing 4 albums and one EP. 4Square’s trademark show features the spectacle of Nicola Lyons’s simultaneous fiddle playing and clog dancing and virtuosic mandolin from Michael Giverin, galvanised by the driving sounds of Jim Molyneux’s piano and Dan Day’s percussion. The result is an infusion of folk, jazz, Latin, and any other musical style they feel the inclination to absorb. By contrast, 4Square will then stir you with their harmonious and mellow singing described by Nigel Schofield of livingtradition.co.uk as “sublimely wistful.” The band released their fourth studio album ‘Fuel’ in mid 2016, and is currently celebrating 10 years as a touring outfit. This will coincide with the release of their EP ‘X’ in 2017 that will bring a fresh look to some of the more popular tracks from previous albums. “A great band! Totally joyful playing, which is guaranteed to cheer all but the most curmudgeonly up. Four great musicians at the top of their trade. Brilliant stuff.” Mike Harding "Simply stunning" John Tams "Oustanding musicianship, total assurance, abundant energy and exceeding confidence...dripping in very obvious talent" Dave Kidman, netrhythms.com
  2. well ..with out me going off on one of my long rambles i was just wondering how the fourum members felt about the big bedlington song..i just came across it on the facebook site and after three listens to the preview i am absouloutley stunned..finding it very hard to contain my words of opinion..heres a few,,its kind of reminds me of that james stewart film where he was a ghost and there was that awful happy song in it..its got tinctures of munchkin from the choclate factory and cant decide if its jazz or trance thrown in for safe measure..that casio keyboard sound hasnt been used since the very early eighties and if i can be honest,,i think we need to turn them down..i really dont want to knock the song writer so i am not going to..i am just abit concerned that i could end up with it on the wey aye pod just after unapalomablanca..cant wait for the finished version so i can truely decide if i like it or not.. i know i am not the best of musicians myself and that my (ukulele toilet song) on utube hasnt been as sucsessful as i had hoped but do feel it is important to be honest in our opinions and remember that song writers have feelings too.. if there is any course to ramble and be blatantly honest i will..cheers..wonky
  3. just wondering how the day went for yous all..and what was the story with the big bedlington song..gagging to hear it..if anyone can provide a link i would be most delighted...cheers
  4. Right, please, help. When me and my bro were about ten yrs old we used to listen to Elvis Presley,The Beatles and the Rolling Stones on an old Danzig? (Wooden Heart, Help & Get off of my cloud, etc,) as well as a host of others like Shrimp Boats and Tower of Strength. Now we were obviously too young to buy records so that means my mother must have bought them. BUT where would she have bought 45s in Bedlington? Can anyone help on this one. Cheers.
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