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Found 2 results

  1. It's a brave man that ventures into Faragian territory and dares to even suggest that immigration is working against the interests of ordinary Brits. Double brave when it's a celeb, and triple brave when that celeb depends on the largesse of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation to keep him in the manner to which he has become accustomed. But, Noel Edmonds has done it; perhaps not with the Faragian certitude, and by way of question rather than assertion. He needn't have bothered with fine phrasing: the PC police have already descended on his thought processes, and he must be made to suffer! TV star Noel Edmonds sparks migration row: Am I alone in feeling Britain is FULL, he asks My two penneth is to say no Mr Edmonds you are not alone, and you KNOW you are not alone. Patient, long-suffering, ordinary Brits have had enough of the social engineering thrust on them by both our traitorous liberal elites, and international corporations working hand in glove. We'd like our country back - PLEASE!
  2. I knew they would, after all they created most of the problem. Answering questions tonight about concerns, from within her own party, that Labour now needs to offer something to control immigration shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry MP thought for a second then inspirationally offered that the EU should look into - no, I'm not making this up - counting immigrants better! A surprised Newsnight's Emily Maitlis asked the obvious: how on earth... no no, says our budding senior law officer, this will help to better plan for the immigrant flows! Further pressed on what Labour would do she interjected "...no no what they are talking about is their jobs being taken and them being undercut and what I'm saying is that UKIP does not have the answer to that.. ..it seems to me that one of the things we have to do is make sure there is a level playing field and people [immigrants] get proper worker's rights." So, once again the Labour front bench is in total denial about a major problem facing their own electorate. The current interview strategy is to move off any awkward subject by saying ..when talking to people the conversation quickly moves on to [insert diversionary topic].. thus completely avoiding the actual issue. This is championship level chicanery, and the responses are so uniform and predictable that Labour must at least have a manual, if not run a full course, to teach too-hot-to-handle issue avoidance.
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