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Found 8 results

  1. Rather than the little local difficulty we've been fed by the media it rather looks like the second spanish civil war is about to break out. A complete mishandling of the matter by Madrid being the major factor. What we are seeing in Spain is what we've always been careful to avoid in the UK. It's also what could easily have happened if there had been an EU-style attempt to ignore or overturn the referendum result. The Catalans seem to be going about it in the right way in launching their own currency. If only the Greeks had had this much sense, or at least the sense to ignore the ECB and let the printing presses run whilst they still had the ability. Spain's plot to use Brexit to enslave the Gibraltarians is now looking like a silly joke, as yet another plank of the remainer case (the allegedly sensitive Gibraltar issue) is kicked away. Will the Basques seize this opportunity, or will the EU's mounting problems surface somewhere else first? The Leave campaign said we needed to be clear of the EU as soon as possible to avoid getting dragged into the looming mess with British forces becoming involved - we are not clear yet!
  2. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/200165 48,963 signatures so far.
  3. Well, he's the closest thing to Max Headroom to grace our screens for a while, but here's a hilarious example of a genuine EU bot at work (len Eldritch simply thinks he is being EU trolled): More work needed on the code I think. Yes, this is how a sizeable chunk of our EU contributions are being spent, and where money they blackmail May into handing over will find its way toward! Please remember this when a politico tells you there is no money for something important in our own community. There's a recent Guardian article about social media bots here.
  4. ...your "State of the Union" (now where have we heard that one before?) speech has gone down amazingly well in the UK. It confirms everything the Leave campaign said about where the EU was surely headed. I've now lost count of the number of if-only-we-had-known newspaper articles, and forum posts from people who voted Remain. You've provided them with a admirable rationalisation for their change of mind. There never was a "Remain" status quo to vote for, as it was always your way or no way! I suspect ever-increasing numbers of our continental cousins will be telling you "no way!" from now on. The reactions to TM's speech in Florence on 22nd September are going to be... er.. interesting!
  5. Yes, another of the flagship promises to the gullible has bitten the dust. What they were told would happen is now happening with a vengeance. Now that the honeymoon period is over mobile charges are shooting up to compensate for the loss of revenue, so the only people to now benefit are a highly select number of highly mobile people, and you can guess what social group they are over represented in. Personally I've seen my monthly PAYG charges bumped on both my continental SIMs. But it's worse: you used to be able to buy a SIM card without a costly monthly contract, but when I walked into a phone shop recently expecting to be able to buy one for occasional calls on a new smartwatch, I was practically told to take a walk. that's despite having all the necessary documents, ID cards, and tax certificates that continental bureaucracy require. I eventually acquired one by reading loads of foreign smallprint on a double up scheme. This involved several trips to two shops, and an over the counter confrontation which involved calls to the network for permission - in fact the card was practically thrown at me. It's still not enabled though! You can't believe a word of EU propaganda, and in particular you can't believe a word of what is appearing in the EU compliant continental press. People have been led to believe that the UK is in total crisis, and Brits are deeply regretting their mistake. This really is Orwellian in its implications.
  6. Well at least a small part of it does. That part is The European Scrutiny Committee, and they've scrutinised: Is there a single person in this country that trusts Duplicitous Dave to deliver on any more of his "cast iron" promises? His record is abysmal, and this time he'll be gone by the time his cheque is presented. There are 27 huge reasons why nothing will ever be delivered, and why the EU will continue on its merry way to obliterating our country from the world map! This is by far the most important vote we'll ever be allowed in our lifetime. The result won't be for five years, it will affect our children and many generations yet unborn. Cameron has said their won't be a second chance, and there at least he's right: a YES vote will be for keeps, but a NO vote will be spun into a maybe - we'll still need to be vigilant. There will be an attempt to make the British public believe that a Yes vote is a vote for the status quo, and that a No vote will be playing with fire, and terribly terribly risky. The bald truth is that there is no status quo on offer! It's the German way and total loss of our democracy, or we get our country back! Simples! Any politico that tries to spin it otherwise needs to be put in their place, and reminded who they serve.
  7. Having just read the drivel from Emma Reynolds MP, Shadow Minister for Europe on why talk of leaving the EU is "dangerous" I came across an article on cheap solar panels, more on which later. Anyway, apparently it's all about horsemeat: Sounds like a very good use of eight billion pounds a year then? But EU regulation didn't actually prevent this and maybe facilitated it - oh, the answer is more euro regulation then?! A disaster when we pull out; all the phone lines will be cut the instant we fail to pay our euro subs, and no one in Europe will ever talk to us again. International cooperation on food standards never happened before the EU and will never happen after. But I trivialise - just remember all those jobs that depend on the EU! What jobs are those? I never remember a large surge in employment after we joined, but I do remember we pxxxxd off a lot of commonwealth countries when we turned inward and turned our back on them. I also remember that we had a fine free trade area going called EFTA that didn't impose stupid regulations or fund too many politico's jollies. We threw that away too when it could have showed Germany and France how to do free trade without all the political nonsense. Anyway, back to those solar panels. You'd have thought that anything that facilitated and encouraged "green energy" would be popular with the politicos in Brussels. After all they harp on about renewable energy all the time. The economics of solar are finely balanced, even in extreme Southern Europe the sun is not entirely reliable, and critically it's useless for most of the 24 hour cycle. The further North you go the more government subsidy is required. Just shaving the capital cost by 5% can make the difference between success and a white elephant project. The Chinese, seeing a vast market, have geared up for this and can now produce world-class solar panels at a price that makes many previously unviable projects interesting to potential backers. The installers and construction firms are overjoyed at this, it means more business, more jobs. But hang on - German and other EU manufacturers have all the EU regulatory baggage to contend with, they can't produce at anything like the cost. In a free market they'd have to shape up or quit - the market dictates that, and why should all other sectors of the economy be penalised because of their inefficiency? That's not the reaction of Brussels though; they want to impose swingeing 47% tariffs on the Chinese product - a level which makes the German product just slightly cheaper. So much for free trade; so much for encouraging investment in "green energy". Here the EU is exposed for what it really is: not the world's largest single market, but the world's largest cartel. It's a cartel largely working in the interests of Germany, supplying Germany with "cheap" labour and keeping down the value of its currency in order to facilitate German exports whilst putting up trade barriers to more efficient producers in other parts of the world. A cartel we'd be a lot better off without (the eight billion pounds a year membership fee is just a starting bonus). Nigel Lawson has just come clean on this after many years of keeping quiet so as not to embarrass the Tory leadership, and many other intelligent people who have looked at the pros and cons have concluded the same. The LibDems are totally wrong on this matter and always have been. Labour is in reality split, and the official party line is completely untenable - many Labour supporters know this but are keeping quiet. Cameron is totally at sea, and going to do all he can to "rescue" the European political project whilst pretending he's listening to the public and the majority of his party. The time has come for ALL politicians to start listening to the nation. The old political tricks of delay, misdirection, and subterfuge will no longer work!
  8. I think given what's been said about the EU on other threads, this site could well be monitored by these new EU trolls. Reading down to the last bit maybe we should start a new EU political party, seems there is going to be plenty of our tax monies given to any that do. http://www.telegraph...ptic-surge.html
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