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Found 1 result

  1. back in the days of the chopper bike when days were longer i recon the bank top hill was good for 40 mph..seemed like a hundred at the time but that was before the zrx 1100 was invented.. one time i blew up the front wheel with too much pressure at the bank top garage and it blew out on me half way down..i was flaking it..."boomshanka"..that was the end of that tyre and the handle bars were never the same..it was a purple chopper i remember and with two mirrors..it was the end of the mirrors too..lol years later i went down on a mountain bike.. it was not as fast i think..the small wheel on the chopper gave it more of an edge.. i know there are loads who have done the same and that kids these days are still getting the fear blasting down the bank top hill..why not lets all get together in the summer ..get the cops to close the road and have a bogey race like the days of old..can any one remember a bogey race happening on the bank top or was it just me ? i remember skateboarding the hill too on one of my frequent trips to back to bebside from an illicit meeting with a dorty station lass or two.. i would be delighted to read of any horror stories regarding the bank top hill and all its glory..cheers..team wonky
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