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    Has anyone any information about Tesco and Milne Park car park, please
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    Who have you seen?

    The Kinks, Dave Dee, Dosy, Beeky , Mick & Titck. Mothers of Invention, Long John Balldry? not sure on that spellong, THE WHO and The Hollies, all at the City Hall , Newcastle but not all on the same night, nearly forgot Dave Berry. Great times.
  3. Thought "the M.Tavern was subsidised by the Clampers.
  4. normaL

    Red Lion?

    It needs to be the first to stand up for the rights of the Smoker, two rooms, with a choice.. smoke room & non smoke room, no under 20s ( years of age ) not tabs per night It would be full, esp in this weather...GIVE people the choice.
  5. does any one know about the filling station tesco is ( supposed ) to be going to build
  6. A BIG hug and Happy New Year to Bedlington and all of us baby sitting,
  7. Any updated news on Tesco ?
  8. normaL


    wonder if they will do anything about car park ( the noise & rubbish dumped at night )
  9. it took all flamen day and the bed half the bugs were still in it, mind they soon left, the weight of us two.
  10. We stayed in Benidorm last year, appartment was total S h one T but it was right in the centre of things, I am going to name and shame the group we hired it from, I can because I told them at the time, they were called Zand Properties, just incase any one else tries to book them through the Internet, the place was filthy and not even had the basic needs for selfcatering. Think birds and other creatures had been living there. Was rotten
  11. 2 weeks in almost flooded garden, must get better ?
  12. they picked the name ............... Covert........... it's not openly aknowledged or displayed
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    Bedlington as I see it

  14. normaL

    Police Station.jpg

    From the album: Bedlington as I see it

    © SouthEast Police H.Q

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    my first

    this & that
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    From the album: my first

  17. please, in as simple words as poss, tel me how to get my pics to the site, youe e-mail or www. that i CAN SEND THEM TO
  18. The Back of the M.Tavern is a dump, the side walk is as well, full of broken glass & last nights Sick, the money ( commision ) they are getting, some one could surley, clean it up, get rid of yobs arount the back and put up some sort of lighting.
  19. Got to take Dog out, will park in Police car park, might get their B & B cheaper .....
  20. I think it's disgusting, when pub is not open, I've heard, even P. Mews were done, well 1 of their vehicles, was
  21. just trying to find out if it's true
  22. Can anyone tell me if it's true, £125.00 clamping fee for parking behind pub, even when closed ?
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