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  1. Oh dear! "Tony's Jewish lawyer chummie Roche ...". I'm not sure what her faith has to do with it apart from casting her as 'other'.
  2. My local highway agency is conducting a trial of whipping out and replacing the lamp units at the top of each alternate post where I live. The new units remain off until they sense movement (me and my woof or an approaching vehicle) ... the aim of the trial is about reducing energy consumption. I like how much darker the street is now.
  3. Folks need to be reminded about the possible implications of this (and other) upgrades. If you have 'older' applications/programs and 'older' peripherals (scanners & printers) they may not function after the upgrade so it's crucial to run a Windows 10 compatability program to check ... you can then make an informed decision regarding the merits of the upgrade.
  4. Whilst we should always protect the old wizened and wrinkled I think we'd be better off leaving the fatties outside during the winter storms. I can see some benefits in this approach ... we could stack them up to create windbreaks against the Arctic storms and they wouldn't be absorbing all the warmth from the central heating system so reducing the heating bills. I agree with merc ... a house isn't a home without a woof (or mog) on the fireside rug.
  5. There's still 1500 gas streetlamps being used in London, complete with a squad of lamp-lighters who go around winding-up the clockwork timers. There was an article in the beloved Guardian about it last year ... I tried to paste the link but failed (on my Android phone). Just Google "gas streetlamps in London" to find the Guardian link.
  6. We all know how that convict smuggled the hissed into jail and kept it hidden for two years ... concealed where all jailbirds hide stuff so it can't be found, yep, up the "old tan track'.
  7. The guy was a genius at what he did. Whilst I'm not, and never have been, much of a radio listener, on the odd occasion I did hear him (or see him on the telly) it was obvious just how gifted he was. And, the Jimmy Savile Squad were never interested in him.
  8. Can't be the Guardian putting the cuffs on the image. I saved the image from their website to a folder on my desktop without any problem and can use the image in other applications ... I tested this. I did a second test using the 'snip' utility in Windows and saved the result also as a .jpg ... again this worked in other applications but not via the Bedder's upload or cut/paste.
  9. Foxy - is there an existing path? If there is and it's in a poor state of repair (dangerous/trip hazard) then WRITE to the Council Dept responsible (Highways & Byways perhaps) but make sure you copy the letter to the Council's Legal Dept (or the Council Solicitor) pointing out the hazard and alerting them to possible litigation if somebody gets hurt. They DO have a problem of negligence, if after being alerted to the problem, they do nothing. Amazing how this type of alert focuses the 'official' mindset.
  10. Oh, and here's Steve Bell's cartoon from my beloved Guardian today: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/picture/2016/jan/26/steve-bell-on-denmark-seizing-refugees-assets-cartoon I tried, and failed to directly insert the image here ... "upload failed", even though the image is a .jpg and can be uploaded/pasted in other places (nowt wrong with the image). So folks, you'll have to click on the above link.
  11. I'm just resurrecting this thread from 2012 to remind folks that today is Holocaust Memorial Day 2016. The top boss at the HDM Trust came out with the following quote today: "Genocide begins with discrimination and standing by allows hatred to take hold". There's complete symmetry between what's happening now in Europe and what went on 70+ years ago. Just look at the latest wheeze with the Danes confiscating valuables from asylum seekers ... sounds just like the Nazis stealing Jewish valuables to pay for their 'board and lodgings'.
  12. Melvyn's nickname was 'Doc'. No idea where he is now ... perhaps I'll spend a couple of hours this weekend looking for him online.
  13. This is an outrage! It's good manners never to make fun of mans' woof. Offenders will be punished.
  14. No, no, no Foxy!!! This is a serious thread for pictures of our pets. Some might say a photo of some woman in her smalls has no place juxtaposed with my woofa. Very naughty.
  15. They'll do anything for a biscuit! 4xG, is that your woofa? Anyway, I suspect you've started something here that might become a monster ... folks posting photos & movies of their cute pets.
  16. Maggs - you spoke too soon. You've been busted in rank; I see you no longer sport the rank of Contributor but have been cashiered back to Member.
  17. Thanks Gx4. Next question ... where's the Members List - I've been scratching around for it but can't find it. Is it hiding in plain sight?
  18. Ah, chains being cast off, freedom for the oppressed ... sounds like my kind of town! But where's my Maggstype rank badge?
  19. TGH - a personal message has been sent.
  20. So a Contributor has the shackles removed ... can an 'ordinary' member apply for this promotion to 'the officer class'?
  21. Signing in from my phone just now was problem free (as was from my desktop pc earlier) ..... I made sure I used the 'existing user' field so wasn't given the Maggs runaround. However, an unfinished and unsent message (created during the wee small hours mentioned in an earlier post) was lying in wait for me just now; it hadn't been saved so I don't know how it's entrails remained wriggling around waiting for me to finish it off.
  22. What happened to my inverted commas? Has GGG not oiled a vital part when delving in the engine during the tune-up. Also copy and paste doesn't seem to work hence my use of Quote ... I always liked to copy & paste.
  23. Oh no! Well that was my reaction in the wee small hours when I attempted access on my phone; I thought for a while the site had gone ... just like those dark days some years ago. I'm now sitting at my desktop PC and having a look around and on first examination it looks good; reminds me of when my beloved Guardian reduced from broadsheet size to Berliner size - I didn't think I wanted change but the new format grew on me. Time will tell. Now, lets see what it looks like on my phone ... I'll report back later.
  24. It now emerges that most of those rampaging through the Fatherland the other day weren't asylum seekers, but, as with most 'good' propaganda the dirt sticks. I keep going on about Fritz's form in this regard ... those with long memories wil recall Marinus van der Lubbe getting blamed for the Reichstag fire back in 1933 and our old friend, Dr Goebbels, linking van Lubbe's membership of the Commie Party and European Jewry thus helping to 'kick-start' what happened next.
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