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  1. Thanks foxy ... apparently I did have a very, very old FB account which I'd forgotten about (hadn't been used for years) so when I did a new sign-up it chucked the old account in my face. Anyway, I used it to visit that group above; when I've got a bit of time I'll contact them.
  2. Foxy ... I'm not on Facebook so how do I get to the above? I tried google but nowt came up. I'd be happy enough to sign-up to FB if needed.
  3. HPW - who looked after the woofa, LBJ whilst the quacks had you?
  4. Auntie mentioned it on Newsnight last night. This is all 'wind and piss' and pressing a button on their PCs is a poor substitute for all the fat, lazy basta*ds not to get out into the open air and join the marches. Poor show, I say! Trumpet is no worse than many of the tyrants previously wined and dined by Betty Saxe-Coburg-Gotha; let him in so the fat, lazy basta*ds have the opportunity to stand on the Mall and shout at him. Je suis Sym
  5. GGG - I've registered westridgeschool.com and created a simple webpage (with email reply) for the proposed Westridge reunion. Obviously, the next step is getting it hosted. Before I do this does bedlington.co.uk have a vast server farm hidden away that might be able to host the site? If not I'll stick it on godaddy or similar. It's ready to launch so a speedy reply would be appreciated. The intention of the website is to capture anybody who might google Westridge School to alert them to the reunion and direct them to this thread. Casting the net as wide as possible.
  6. Note to Administrators - I've cobbled together a list of about 70 pupils from 66/67 which I'll post here but was wondering if there was a way of allowing the list to be kept live for other Forum Members to add names, and to update as folks on the list have been contacted and an indication as to whether they would attend a reunion. I'm thinking of a table of some form, perhaps with 3 columns: Name, Contacted, Attendance. If there is a way of doing it in this thread I can re-post my list to make it 'live or active' for others to amend. Here's my starter list: Barbara Rudge Susan Lindsey Joe Knox Alan Charlton Kenny Campell Lenny Wilson Mary Tyler Michael Henderson Maureen Hindhaugh Yvonne Logan Billy Stoker John Hancox Alan Henderson Charlie Roberts John Bowman Colin Cooper Janet Common Michael Gibb Veronica Chadwick Peter Oliver Elizabeth Rowell Margaret Richardson Pauline Brown Elizabeth Stafford Aileen Prime Carole Johnson Eileen Cummings Yvonne Thompson Sally Jones Anne Stafford Sheila Oliver Joan Gibson Gordon Coulthard David Fennel Shirley Andrews Anne Graham Helen Hurst Judith Oliver Marjory Mayes Carol Johnstone Irene Ellison Florence Ellis Ken Straw John Brews Malcolm Cross Tony Burn John Orange Gordon Hartil Gordon Morris Ivan Knox Les Stewart Barry Muldoon Alan Potter Paul Hewish David Halloran Michael Dixon Ian Henderson Rod Allison Alan Carr Bob Young Larry Steel Colin Sanderson Joe Know Dennis Miller Jimmy Potts Michael Routledge Jimmy Watson David Morris Brian Corner Martin Henderson Paul Hewish Simon Temple Melvyn Jamieson John Hewish Joe Lees Donald MacDonald George Nesbitt Alan Greenacre John Harmerson Ian Dixon Alan Coultas
  7. Perhaps, we should create a list of those we remember from Westridge in the hope that others here might have contact info on them so invites to the proposed reunion can by dispatched. Shame friendsreunited has gone as that would have been a reasonable starting list.
  8. GGG - I got all my Dad's standard 8 stuff converted to DVD maybe 10+ years ago; he had something like 40 large reels of the stuff. It was one of the best things I've done as it enabled me to organize everything on my PC; getting footage in the correct order, correcting over/under exposure issues (and the dreaded frame/gate jitter), adding captions and sound, and so on. It helped that I had the full-fat Adobe Creative Studio which included their video editing suite Premier so many a happy hour was spent on the task ... it was addictive so be warned, once you start to edit you'll miss meals, dog walking, bed times. The best part was once the project was completed I was able to burn personal DVD copies for family members. Previous to this the footage was never viewed even though I still have my Dad's old projector. Obviously, lots of the footage I found very poignant. Best of luck and enjoy the project.
  9. Had GOD* not been banned from this parish a couple of years ago he might have bellowed: "MANY MOONS AGO, BILLIONS OF YEARS ... MY AR*SE!!! IT ONLY TOOK ME A WEEK AND, AND, AND THAT INCLUDED A DAY OFF WHEN I WATCHED THE TOON ON MATCH OF THE DAY 2." * the mods excommunicated him.
  10. Ooops! Tried to insert a .mpg movie file but it didn't work ... back to the drawing board. Poo.
  11. Aghhh! Imfamy, imfamy - Mag's has got it in for me! Not content to goad Sym with the Cramlington Budgie Strangler but for dessert the dirgemeister in chief, Leonard Cohen, applauded. No! No! No! I suffered for a year when in halls at uni in 69/70 because the guy in the next room, that bast*rd Phil Jones, played nowt else. Every lyric is etched into Sym's brain and can't, even to this day, be erased. Mind, I fought back with Cream cranked-up to 11 through my 100 watt guitar amplifier stack lashed-up to my record deck.
  12. HPW - do you recall an electrician called John Dixon (known as Jack) who worked at the Doctor Pit in the 60s until it shut? He went to Costain's opencast as boss spark when the Doctor shut. He lived next door to us in East Riggs.
  13. Talc ... although I don't live in Blighty I'd be interested in attending the proposed reunion. Strictly speaking I don't qualify 'cos I was in the year above, so perhaps the qualifying boundary could be 'elastic', say a year of two either side. I'd look forward to talking about the stuff we got up to: concerts at the Rex Hotel Whitley Bay and kipping on my Granny's floor at Billy Mill 'cos there were no late buses back to Bedders; concerts at the Mayfair and catching the 3am London/Edinburgh Mail Train (using 2d {old pence} platform tickets ... naughty!) from the Central Station to Morpeth, then walking back to Bedders sometimes in knee-deep snow; the weekly bands/dances at the Market Place Club; supping ale at the Farmers in the Haymarket before going to the matches at St James; and, of course all the annual camping holidays in Keswick.
  14. Symptoms

    New Albums 2016

    Just got the new Rolling Stones album, 'Blue & Lonesome' - it's brilliant. It's all Blues covers from back in the day and I can't stop playing it over and over again. It's the best thing they've done in decades. It would make a lovely Xmas present or just buy it for yourself. Also, Joanne Shaw Taylor's bluesey album, 'Wild' is worth getting; she has a touch of Joe Bonamassa about her - awesome guitar technique and a great voice. Some of you might have seen her on Jools Holland's show a couple of months ago. Let's have other suggestions ...
  15. Talc - Just to wet your appetite ... here are a couple of photos from Keswick in 1969: Photo 1: (l t0 r) Alan 'Cowt' Coultass, David 'Docka' Docherty, Malcolm 'Talc' Allan climbing Skiddaw above Keswick Photo 2: At the summit. The photographer is me Symptoms (Talc if you remember me - keep my real ID quiet here on the blog ... I'll confirm via a Personal Message) Oh, what tales we could tell about the Keswick holidays all we lads had!
  16. What a year!!! First, Haikeye, now Talc; long lost chums turning up here. Malcolm, I'll also PM you in the next few days with my name.
  17. Blueprints were created by using a dyeline machine. The original drawing was done with black ink on a thick tracing paper and then fed into the rollers on the machine. The machine contained a large roll of light sensitive paper which was exposed to the original drawing (hence the transparent tracing paper); the image was then fixed with an ammonia based fluid. You could produce loads of copies from the original ... the copies were usually blue in colour due to the process, hence, blueprints. Dyeline machines came in different sizes and were quite common until the rise of computers and pen plotters and more recently wide-format inkjet printers. They were a pain to use because you had to wash the machine clean at the end of each session. The are a few print shops who still have 'legacy' dyeline equipment for odd jobs when required.
  18. Blimey Maggs ... they're mighty steep mountains in Jockoland but it's good to see those Cooper's coaches making light work of the climb.
  19. I'm interested in these 'shit flies' and 'fleas'. What were they? How did they survive underground?
  20. Wilma - losing stuff used to happen to me, so if it's going to be a long (or even a short interesting one) I create it in Word (Notepad will do), then copy & paste it into here. Of course, using Word (or Notepad) allows for saving good stuff. No more frustration for Sym!
  21. Pauline - contact Freemasons Hall in London ... it's the HQ for all English Freemasonry and has a records archive. Google for contact info.
  22. I'm sure you're right about Larry being a closet Kipper sucker but he also loves lickin' his own arse.
  23. Rejoice. Rejoice. Rejoice. Phew! The poor, the disabled, gays, womens, black folks can sleep easy tonight.
  24. Maybe some hack has discovered some dirt on her and is about to publish ... jump before push. Or maybe BIG G (not our own beloved 3G) doesn't want her as his Blighty boss ... too reactionary!
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