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  1. I agree ... it is a bit of a maze. Say a newby Googles "Bedlington", then selects the .co.uk choice they land on the Home Page with its recent content displayed. However, to get to the Forums (IMO the most useful part of the site) they have to choose Discussions ... a tad convoluted. I reckon most newbies come here looking to do some family history research only to be presented with local news stories ... it's not OBVIOUS where the heritage stuff is. Maybe some simple relabelling might help ... perhaps BOLD buttons saying 'Discussion Forums' with another saying 'Town History' directing newbies to the more interesting places, perhaps the reasons they came here in the first place. Just a thought and in no way a moan.
  2. Looks as they're about to start building - see article in The Engineer today: https://www.theengineer.co.uk/interview-britishvolt-cto-allan-paterson/ I started this as a new topic as I couldn't find a previous post about it (I did do a 'rough and dirty' search).
  3. Do former miners still get a 'free' coal supply? If they do what's going to happen now that the UK Government has banned the sale of coal to the public?
  4. _pauls - Wear to Blyth, and Wear to Tees both less than your 45km according to my rough and dirty measurements on Google Maps. If the allowed area is a radius of 45km my suggestion above would work. Center the freeport in mackemland, then draw a big circle of 45km radius ... it would take in an area including Blyth in the North and Smoggieland in the South. If, however, the 45km is zone's diameter then I'm stuffed. The Guardian newspaper published an article this morning about Tory largesse that I questioned above; the piece contains a good graph (official Gov data). I know it's not about freeports but it shines a light on their methods. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/mar/03/sunaks-1bn-of-town-deals-will-nearly-all-go-to-tory-constituencies
  5. _pauls - yes, I meant Wear. I suspect the Tees area was selected due to its wider industrial hinterland and closer connections to those manufacturing towns in Yorkshire. Perhaps, somebody might like to count the number of Tory MPs in those winning areas - maybe that was a consideration. When the scheme was first announced I compared the Blyth, Tyne, Wear, and Tees areas on Google Maps and did think that Blyth had lots going for it in terms of vacant sites and existing infrastructure, including a functioning railhead in the port itself. I doubted that Blyth would get the nod on its own due to a comparatively sparse industrial hinterland. Perhaps, a better choice would have been the Wear (central to the area) then draw the 'inclusion zone' which could have included the whole area ... North to Blyth and South to Tees.
  6. So, the Smoggies got the Freeport ... Blyth, Tyne and Tees can continue to scratch a living.
  7. So there was nowt on Front St or nearby? I never used any 'public library' in Bedders as all my borrowings were from the school library.
  8. There's a thread currently in the Historic Gallery about the old Co-oP building at Bedlington Station. Was there ever an old Co-oP building similar to the one at the Station on Front Street; I can't remember? Second, was there ever a Public Library in Bedders back in the day ... again, I can't recall one from the 60s? I'm not talking about anything new.
  9. Canny - you wrote: " Neither does it help that I don't possess one single iota av interest in anything more technical than a ball-point pen." So, perhaps my notebook method is the way to go ... leave it beside your PC and not in the kitchen drawer so it's to hand. Also, check to see if your virus protection software comes with a password manager included.
  10. Canny - I write mine in a notebook. I bought 'The Personal Internet Address & Password Logbook' in Waterstones some years ago, although I'm sure it's available online. I always use a pencil to write the entries so when they change I simply rub them out and redo; pen would just mean loads of crossing outs. I know, I know, I know - security, security, security ... I take the view that if anybody broke into my house to gain access to my PC they could give me a good thrashing to extract the pins, codes and passwords anyway; so the notebook will save me from being tuned-up.
  11. Eggs - I wondered about the 'benefits' of becoming SingaporeSouthofJockoland. See below: https://www.britishports.org.uk/FreeportsHub https://twitter.com/britishports/status/1330866362340741120
  12. I hope all on here try to have a good time over the next few days and let's hope for better next year. With seasonal best wishes from Sym
  13. The above reminded me of an earlier post of mine about the SS (as we always called it) and how amazed I was that any Government department could keep records (even trivial stuff) so efficiently for decades. Who transferred the information from our 'green cards' onto Eggy's magnetic tape as I can't recall seeing any computer terminals in the Council Office Annex ... maybe, the counter gadgie had a 'hidden' keyboard below the desk linked to The Ministry mainframe.
  14. An article from the Engineer today about repurposing the old mines into 'green' energy sources: https://www.theengineer.co.uk/generating-clean-energy-from-the-coal-mines/
  15. I've become a 'dog with a bone' over this Mechanics Institute business ... I've just spent four hours (FOUR HOURS!!!) looking at old issues of the Morpeth Herald reading about it and still more to absorb but as yet nowt concrete. However, to muddy the waters even further there's a reference to Bedlington Station Mechanics Institute, mind that could be just some lazy/confused junior Victorian journo getting his facts wrong. More to follow no doubt .... Perhaps we need a separate thread for this topic? Maybe it's too important to get mixed-up with pubs and inns.
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