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  1. Symptoms

    No, you aren't imagining it!

    Perhaps I'm just a pompous broadsheet faux intellectual kettled within a heaving PC crowd but, but, but ... am I the only one who is uncomfortable with 1970s humour appearing here?
  2. Symptoms

    Bedlington Station Park?

    Now, the important question: Does anybody here know where my old classmate Alan Temple is now as I'd love to get in contact with him?
  3. Symptoms

    The Corbyn-McDonnell Action Plan?

    Cor Blimey 3G!!! Normally your stuff is well researched and often with quotes from 'mainstream' sources but quoting stuff from some obscure FB page ... poo. Yep, there'll always be crackerjacks looking for a ruck but most folks on the left (including Corbs) want to 'overthrow' the vile Tories and their fellow travellers peacefully.
  4. Symptoms

    The Corbyn-McDonnell Action Plan?

    My money's on undercover Express and Mail reporters (easily spotted - fat blokes with back-to-front baseball caps and polished black leather shoes) kicking it all off on the demo to create the story; a bit like the Met Peelers and squaddies starting all the bother during the Miner's Strike.
  5. Symptoms

    The Corbyn-McDonnell Action Plan?

    For a moment I thought I'd landed on that hateful Mailonline website ... no mention there (or here) of evil Thatcher's (or shagger Major's) secret talks with Jerry & Martin. Hooray for Jezza. What a few weeks ... first the Kippers consigned to that dark place from where they were spawned and next, the vile Tory scum.
  6. Symptoms

    Sting -When The Last Ship Sails

    The King of Sweden ... another inbred Euro monarch! We've got Betty Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and her dim-witted brood so I must do some research to see if the Swede is from the same stock.
  7. Symptoms

    Oh What a Lovely Election!

    "Events, dear boy, events." Oh, how Theresa May must be glad her wrinkly and dementia tax is off the front page.
  8. Symptoms

    Posted Event Westridge School Reunion 1967/68

    I was in contact with Malcolm (Allan) at the weekend about this proposed reunion and we've agreed to cancel it due to so few folks signing up to attend. There was plenty of interest here and loads of 'hits'on the http://www.westridgeschool.com website but that interest wasn't converted into a sign-ups. A few folks did want to attend (some from overseas) ... I'll be writing to them with the news.
  9. Symptoms

    Ford Castle Westridge 5

    Also ... where is this Bygone Bedlington Facebook page? I've tried Google but it just sends me back to here (the facebook page).
  10. Symptoms

    Ford Castle Westridge 5

    Eggs - I recall having my arse tanned about this way back when I originally posted the annotated photo ... it is Alan, not Simon. His nickname was the 'Saint' - after the popular telly show of the day starring Roger Moore as Simon Templar in the Leslie Charteris tales of the Saint. My addled brain mixed all this up.
  11. Symptoms

    Westridge Class Pictures From The 60,s

    Eggs - use my Bedlington nom de plume.
  12. Symptoms

    Westridge Class Pictures From The 60,s

    Eggs - I'm more than happy for you to spread my snaps as widely as you like but if you can apply an acknowledgement of source that would be great.
  13. Symptoms

    Knocky door ginger - upgraded

    There always appears to be plenty of Peelers around when some mentally disturbed bloke gets killed in the cells. Anyway, back to knocky-door ... our version of 'remote' knocking was the black sewing thread wheeze. Bobbin of thread, tie one end the the old biddies knocked, pay the thread out to across the street, hide behind the wall/hedge opposite, tug, slacken the tread when the door gets opened, repeat, repeat, repeat. What a laugh! We were just kids!!!!
  14. Symptoms

    Whitley Memorial

    HPW - my woof's just the same as yours ... hours spent on the beach (most days) with ball thrown dozens, and dozens, and dozens of times into the surf, soaked woofa emerging to gallop through the sand, then back into the water. A walk home, hose the sand off the woof, then off she goes running around the garden getting covered in clarts. Out with the hose again, then in it comes to dry off in front of the stove and falls asleep. Now to get some work done ... only for it to wake up and demand more fun and games. Mind, I wouldn't change a thing (it's watching me now out of one eye ready to interrupt this typing task) - yep, here we go!
  15. Symptoms

    Whitley Memorial

    HPW - that last post of yours has confused me ... who got murdered and who did the murder? Have I missed something?