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  1. Hi Sue ... yep, Terry made contact through this Forum. Look at the second post above ... that's Terry; you can send a personal message to him by sliding your curser over his user name TGH and click on message button in the box that appears.
  2. As to Canny's confusion over "... publicans who appear to have had a second string to their fiddle ...". I recall reading years ago that many of the original ale houses were in private dwelling and that the wife of the main breadwinner would brew some jugs of ale* for immediate family. This expanded into to offering the ale to others for a price ... of course this brew had to be consumed soon after being made as it went off (this was before the use of hops to extend the life {and taste} of the ale). So perhaps this activity was formalised and acknowledged in census records. *remember back then that the drinking of water tended to be avoided in case you got ill (likely) and that ale drinking was seen as being a safe option.
  3. Tonyp's earlier post about the vile Worthington E muck got me thinking about a challenge ... That impressive list of boozers elsewhere on this thread could be complimented by naming the breweries that owned them; I know that it'll be impossible to do it for many of them 'cos the old fellas that supped in them are long gone but I'll make a start. The Railway Tavern = Vaux (that vile Mackem stuff) I suppose the Clubs were a type of 'free house' so were able to sell stuff other that Federation Ales. I know there was a Cameron pub (that Smoggie stuff) but can't recall the name of the pub and of course loads of Scottish & Newcastle ones (Blue Star). Go on ... you've got nowt else to do with your time at the moment.
  4. Best wishes to all ... hoping you all have a good Xmas and a great New Year.
  5. The Morpeth Herald is archived at: https://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/ Dead easy to search for what you want and if you know the exact date of publication you get 3 views for free, otherwise you can pay as you go or pay a monthly or annual sub for total access. Hope this helps.
  6. It does't matter what industry it is, it'll eventually be overrun by the tick-box Nazis in their sharp polyester suits and sporting 100 quid haircuts ... they always spoil it for those getting their hands 'dirty'. To make matters worse they believe what they're doing makes things better! I think I posted once before about visiting the Doctor Pit as a lad and was shown into the winding house to watch the winderman operate the tackle. I clearly recall some hand-painted marks on the big green winding drum to indicate the position of the cage on it's journey down the shaft and the winderman would watch these really carefully to slow and then brake at the correct moment ... I don't know how accurate these marks were as the cable must stretch and different loads must affect the behaviour of the tackle. After the visit to the winderhouse we were taken on a visit below ground ... Jack Dixon, the pit electrician (and our next door neighbour in the Riggs), took us on this visit.
  7. Part of me rejoices at the news of a new deep coal mine in Cumberland (I've never liked the name Cumbria or Northumbria ... I still address letters home to Northumberland). I'm at a loss, however, to know where they're going to get enough skilled workers to create the place; is there anybody alive who knows how to sink a shaft or build the necessary underground infrastructure? Watch out HPW ... you could get drafted. https://www.westcumbriamining.com/ The other (small) part of me worries about the polar bears choking on the fumes from the coke works. Still, the Chinese seem to building loads of coal powered power stations (one new one a month) with little regard for the environment.
  8. Yep, I'll send him a copy of the snap. I was at school with him.
  9. I'm still in contact with Barry Muldoon
  10. Even the Lesbian March was better supported
  11. The Great Kipper Slither Here's some quick & dirty comparisons from history: The Peoples Vote March (this weekend) Selma to Montgomery Suffragettes
  12. The asbestos never got us ... we're both still 'fighting fit'. Mind, he still smokes! I've been thinking about those redundant boilers and I'm sure they were heated by combusted coal dust blown into the furnaces - I recall big blowers as part of the tackle. I doubt gas would have been used as this pre-dated North Sea gas so enormous quantities of Town Gas would have been needed. Maybe there's some 'old timers' out there who'll confirm.
  13. 1968 not 1969 ... perhaps my brain is turning to mush!
  14. It was used as engineering manufacturing company that produced nuts and bolts, and other fittings. How do I know this? My old man knew the boss and arranged for me and my brother to have a holiday job there during the school Easter hols of 1969; It was arranged that I could use some of the facilities to finish off my A'Level Engineering project - a racing kart (some folks call them go-karts but this was a serious bit of kit). I bent the tubular chassis there on their pipe bending machine and welded it together with their oxy-axcetelene gear ... the school didn't have this type of tackle. Anyway, what i recall was banks of multi-chuck automatic machines producing bolts in their thousands, turning the hexagonal bar stock to size, threading and then parting-off ... the finished items cascaded into metal bins for fork lifting away. Whilst I worked on my kart my brother got the job of stripping the asbestos lagging off three (it might have been two ... memory fade) huge boilers using a hammer, saw and crowbar. This was 1969 and well before H&S at Work Act ... no protective gear apart from a mask and dust everywhere. So these boilers play into baths theory. I can't recall the name of the firm.
  15. I wonder how many "patriotic Kippers" will see it through to the end? I wonder if we'll be able to make comparisons with all those other great marches from history?
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