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  1. whats your dads name i might know him
  2. i got 80% first go 40% second go lol.
  3. If they were to rbuild it exactley as it were cald netties anal i would move there tomorow very happy days.................
  4. I remember standing on the bridge and getting covered in smoke we thought it was great.
  5. I served my time there as an engineer.
  6. Hi the school was were the binks yard is now ,the pools you refer to were directly behind what is now the industrial estate and this was the quarry for brick yard at barrington and also the one at bedlington. the scrap yard Taits was on the left of the road 500 yards over the welwyn bridge going to stakeford this was the site of the old tip.
  7. Hi iwas born in barrington 1955 in double row(born at home)i lived thier till i was 11, if i can correct a few things, the shirt factory was the glove factory one after the other ,the post office was a house on office row which also sold a few groceries,the football field was used by the school when playing other schools,the school was where the tyre place is now,next to the house that still stands on the road side.there was also a brick works at barrington which used the clay from the quarry at barrington.the cracket you refer to i new and his son lives or lived at choppington colin cracket.i
  8. i can remember when they made gloves there and before that shirts
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