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  1. Hi, Just in the start of the woods near bank top there is a building or it used to be does anyone know what it was? you can see where a wall would have been and there is a door sealed up. Just asking out of interest. Cheers all
  2. Hi, I left a post a bit back about starting up a video/computer game shop in Bedlington. I need details of number of people who will use such a shop etc. Without it I cant open up, so I was wondering could as many people as possible please fill this survey out? http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey....bqphq7939278610 Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all. Brian
  3. I read somewhere that the chips in the US version PS3 were costing too much and were taking to long to manufacturer to meet demand for the console, dont know how true that it though. never heard about the emulator problems though. seems a waste of time redesigning it just for that, they should have thought about it before they built the first PS3 in Japan and the US lol
  4. Ive heard that about replacing the chip for the UK version of PS3 because of delays making the machines, but then again ive read they have got the chip manufacturing working spot on now so i dont know. either way sony are going to play down the fact the UK version is lower spec than the US version. then again could just be free advertising for sony.
  5. I think I would prefer that to the Wii, simply so i dont hit anyone lol I think the Wii would have been even better if it had the graphics of the Xbox 360 or the PS3, but nintendo seem to have kept with the game cube graphics instead, realy dont understand why.
  6. I suppose it will be ok if it allows me to switch the TV on off change the channels etc lol no definatly not for me, think ill stick to pressing the buttons. I think sony like shock advertising gets everyone talking about there products i guess.
  7. only one ive not tried out of them is the xbox 360 whats that like? I fancied that dead rising game on it but ive seen some bad reviews about it. no neither would I dont fancy having a helmet on controling things lol Ive read the new PS3 wont play all PS2 games even though its supposed to sony are going to release updates for its firmware that will allow more PS2 games to play.
  8. lol I think the PS3 is going to be great but I think its price tag will put some people off buying it, especially since games like grand theft auto 4 are going on all consoles at the same time. But Ive heard that the next GTA for next gen consoles will be exclusive to PS3. Complete change of subject but did You see in the paper other day about a new control pad for games? its a helmet and you control games with your mind. It would prob be ok as a novelty but cant really beat a real pad.
  9. Thanks for the advice blank will do Yeah I see what you mean about only certain games esp retro get sold. For retro games ill sell the hit ones i.e. Mario, sonic, etc both classics Just out of interest is anyone here going to buy a playstation 3?
  10. Sorry monsta i didnt see your post about PC games. Yeah definatly going to have PC games as well. some great PC games out at the minute. Do you mind if i ask what kind of games are you all interested in?
  11. Hi Im definitly going ahead with this as everything is in the works I cant give an exact date right now but this year between now and August it will be open Would you or anyone else be interested in retro consoles/games? as well as the new consoles/games etc.
  12. Yeah as well as the new systems ps2, ps3, xbox, xbox 360, psp, DS, Wii, gamecube etc I would definatly be stocking some of the older retro systems and games. dreamcast, N64, SNES, NES, megadrive, master system, saturn, lynx etc some companies are still producing and releasing games for these systems like dreamcast there was a new game for it released other week cant think what it was called off top of my head though. So yeah going to stock what the people want Thanks for the offer about games
  13. Thanks Its going to be better than traveling to other areas like Blyth, Ashington and Cramlington for games, consoles and DVD's. I was wanting to add some more questions to the poll but wont allow more than 3. But I also wanted to ask would anyone be interested in the trade in scheme like granger games, gamestation do? and also selling your old games/DVD's to me when I open? Just wondering if anyone would actually do that or want to do that? Some prices at gamestation/game are beyond a joke I stopped going there when i saw the price tag. My prices will be very competitive with granger games b
  14. I'll have deals like granger games definitly not expensive like game, its ridiculous the prices they charge. Theres going to be a home delivery service also basicaly for people who cant get out to the store. Thanks Brian
  15. Hi, Im interested to know how many of you would use a Video game shop if I were to open one in Bedlington. The prices of the games would be similar to Granger games but with more products and more services. Hope Admin dont mind me asking this on here, just thought id ask the people of Bedlington what they thought. Thanks all Brian
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