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  1. bigger waves required to knock the disappointingly small statues off! why do they look like there from the sixties?

    Probably because the photo is in black and white, also because of him wearing a flat cap i think.

    The waves must have got the whippet :lol:

  2. Great photo of the Zepplin bomb crater,one of the lads inthe crater was my father, Bill Turner, I wasgiven a copy of this Photo by Ned Metcalf who was mine host at the Gardeners Arms, unfortunately due to many house moves over the years the photo has been lost.

    I`m glad that you`ve found the photo again, it`s good to put names to the photo`s too! Which lad was your Father?

  3. Cympil, lost my bearing on this one, where was this building in relation to any existing structure?

    This is Plessey Mill Farm, it can be seen from Plessey Woods. The actual address for it is Shotton Lane, Cramlington, so by rights, i should maybe make a Cramlington photo album!

    I`m not sure if it`s always been called Plessey Mill Farm though, as this photo was only titled `Plessey Mill`.

    Maybe someone can enlighten us further on this one.

  4. I do love the Morpeth gardens and the bird aviary in particular; I miss this venue but not more than I miss Bedlington. Thanks for a lovely pictoral reminder of life in Northumberland.....

    I`m glad you`re enjoying looking at the photo`s :)

    If there`s any photo`s in particular that you`d like to see just let me know and i`ll see if i can find some.

  5. NUM Yorkshire President Arthur Scargill, caught in the Market Place between Millne House and The Market Tavern in the year before his taking over as President of the NUM.

    Four years later Arthur would attempt to bring down the government with the disastrous 1984–1985 miners' strike. This would prove to be the final nail-in-the-cofin for the UK mining industry, and have a profound effect on mining communities like our town's.

    I`m pretty sure that`s Roy Hattersly not Arthur Scargill, isn`t it? :unsure:

  6. we have a monument similar to this in the town I live in, if anyone wants ti see it just say and I'll post it.

    Put it on Tony, infact any photos from where you live. It`s interesting to see other places in the world :)

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