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  1. Can anybody remember :

    • when didthe Coop moved from it's original site next to the pit into the single-story, prefabricated building opposite the Institute at Netherton?
    • when did the coop finally close?
    • when did Esther (Rochester) who had the corner shop at Netherton move into the building?

    There`s a good photo of the Coop (or what used to be the Coop) in Carole`s gallery http://www.bedlington.co.uk/community/gallery/image/239-the-co-op-after-fire/

  2. did you ever try to make some peas pudding ?.

    Well, i finally made some pease pudding today and it turned out perfect (even if i say so myself) :D

    I decided to steep the yellow split peas, added 1 large onion, just over a pint of stock (i just used Knorr stock cubes) then put it in the oven on gas mark 4 for 2 1/2 hours. I made sure to check on it every 30 minutes or so to give it a stir..and here`s the result!


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  3. I love tracking these down. When you can't reproduce a problem it takes much longer to identify. I have more questions unfortunately. Which browser are you using? Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc? and which version number?

    Can you please also try pressing ctrl+F5? That will ensure you have the latest copies of any javascript being used. It is possible you still have cached copies from the old version.

    Is anybody else having problems editing?

    I can edit posts with no problem.

  4. 1 poundyellow split peas 2 large onions enough ham stock to cover peas put allin a large dish whith lid on put it in the ovenand let it cook for 2 to 3 hours untill it has all dissolved stir often after first hour do not let it go dry salt and pepper if needed hope you enjoy it happy eating

    Thanks for the recipe! I`m going to give this a try. I`ll let you know how it turns out :D

  5. A Brief History of the Park

    The site is named after the Doctor Pit which was sunk on land now known as Gallagher Park and adjoining new housing estates to the west of the park in the 1860's.

    The park itself was established in the early 1930's on farmland which was purchased by the Bedlington Coal Company. The park provided recreational facilities for local miners and their families.

    The park offered bowling, football and tennis as well as a play area and more formal gardens.

    The Doctor Pit finally closed in 1967 when the management of the park was taken over by the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation (CISWO).

    In the early 1970's the park was covenanted to Wansbeck District Council who undertook to maintain and manage the park "for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Urban District of Bedlingtonshire for recreational and sporting activitiesâ€

    In April 2010 the management of the park passed to the unitary authority of Northumberland County Council.

    Taken from here :D

  6. http://www.bankrate....tell-you-1.aspx

    ..and remember, always turn left(ish) and head towards the back of the store without stopping to look at anything! :D

    I saw a documentary a few years ago, which was all about this carry on, very informative it was too.

    Boots are one of the worst companys exploiting folk, Buy one get one free..look for the green sticker..aye right! The same item can be bought 2 stores down for the actual retail price, which turns out to be half the `original` price that Boots state anyway! Lot`s of the shops do this, especially at Xmas.

    The worst case of this happening in Bedlington, was Safeway. They always had `deals` on, placed right at the first place your eyes focused on. Normally `fresh` chickens. `Todays special, half price chicken, buy one get one free`..their normal price for a chicken was something like £7.99. i kid you not! Then they had the cheek to make out you were getting a bargain and they were doing you a favour if you bought 2 chickens for £7.99..they were basically selling two proper priced chickens at the going rate. Money in their pocket! Some folk are MUGS!

    On page 6 of that article about making it difficult to get the bargains in the clearance rail is spot on. They mix everything up `Retailers know shoppers want to easily find the size, price and item neatly displayed. So they purposely create the frustration of the poorly marked and poorly organized clearance area to tempt you toward the beautifully displayed and perfectly organized full-price merchandise`

    Asda is one of the worst for this! Plus, they`ve hiked the prices up anyway, so even if you manage to find a `bargain`, you can guarantee it`s nothing more than last years stock they couldn`t get rid of, with an extra couple of quid thrown on!

    As for the advice for turning `leftish`, i already do this when i see a scam..i turn `leftish` and straight back out the door :D

  7. I went to hospital with food poisoning the other day, after I'd eaten some Spanish lettuce. I had been settled in a cubicle where I had been given a bowl to vomit into, which I did.

    The doctor came into the cubicle and after seeing the lettuce in my sick, he said "If there is more in your stomach we should probably do a stomach pump. How much lettuce did you eat?"

    I told him "well, that's just the tip of the iceberg."

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