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  1. The councillor for East Bedlington is Valerie Tyler Councillor for Sleekburn is Jeff Gobin You should find all the info there, including telephone numbers, email address`s etc.If you look to the left hand side, you`ll see links for viewing meetings and minutes too
  2. Found this, it`s title Willow Bridge, Choppington. I don`t know the date of the photograph though, although it looks like it could be around the year you`re looking for.
  3. Where are we talking about here? I`ve got `slaughter house` `bridge` `the point` etc..but where are we on about? If i had a bit more info i could have a bit dig
  4. Three https://www.three.co.uk/Pay_As_You_Go/Free_SIM/Order_a_free_SIM?id=1184 T-Mobile http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/free-pay-as-you-go-sim-cards/?WT.mc_id=ON_QM_S_Google&WT.srch=1 Virgin http://www.virginmobile.com/vm/simCardOnly.do
  5. He`s under a bridge with a gun at his neck as i speak..it`s live on Sky News.
  6. I wish he was, there`s a 10 grand reward
  7. I think more people will visit Bedlington for some cheap drink at the weekend, and since Wetherspoons don`t have music on, i reckon those same people will head off down the street after a few pints. Hopefully, the rest of the pubs will get some extra business too. It would be nice to see Bedlington on the map again as a place to go at the weekend for a good pub crawl, just like the old days
  8. Well done Claire So, it`s official! That`s the best news i`ve heard today. The Red Lion is going to be a pub again
  9. Well i hope Wetherspoons do get the Red Lion. It`s only right that it should stay as a pub. Fingers crossed
  10. What gossip are you on about? Spill the beans
  11. Hope you`re having a lovely Birthday
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