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  1. Considering Asda has to sell 47 Netto`s it could well happen!
  2. Photo taken today. Doe`s anyone remember the Red Lion when this sign was up? What year would it have been?
  3. Comedy genius those two also, Del Boy and Rodney have to get a mention, and these two
  4. They`re the best disappearing act
  5. I`ve just been reading about a radio station `Koast FM` who own studio premises in Bedlington. Are you aware of this? They`ve just `secured a £10,000 grant from a national funding body to help pay studio and equipment costs, and expects to receive a further £20,000 to £25,000 in the next couple of months` and `West Bedlington Town Council has donated £500` Is SNRG associated with Koast FM? If not, looks like someone has got in first!
  6. Found this on the Red Lion`s new Facebook page.
  7. Something is happening there. Lots of scaffolding up around the back
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