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  1. Cympil

    Nice View Dear

    Probably because the photo is in black and white, also because of him wearing a flat cap i think. The waves must have got the whippet
  2. Wonder if i get a trophy for my efforts? (hint hint)
  3. Found this on Youtube. It shows Morpeth Station in 1966. Times gone by.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8txhZVKufVA
  4. Cympil

    Big Cat

    I think you may be right there Malcolm
  5. A photo of Barrington Colliery, dated May 1916 if it`s any use to you
  6. Some moderators leave a link, others don`t. Personally, i would have left a link to where the posts had been moved to, but i didn`t actually move the posts on this occasion, another moderator must have.
  7. The posts in question haven`t been removed, they`ve been moved to the appropriate section If you`re not happy with any aspect of any of the moderators, i suggest you contact Admin.
  8. Seems Koast has a bit competion there
  9. :lol: :lol: **NOTE TO MONSTA** You kept that quiet!
  10. I haven`t a clue? I know as much about Simon Ferson as i do about Vicky. Maybe Ultra Radio can fill us in on that.
  11. What are you on about? If you`re referring to Ultra radio`s FB page, yes i am a fan, nothing wrong with that is there? I was on about Monsta not Ultra Radio Not sure what you mean by the three words either? Care to explain?
  12. Not sure if i`m missing something here, but i can`t find any posts where Monsta mentions having a radio station? I can find a post where he asked about Vicky`s radio background (which no-one seems to be able to find) Hopefully, Vicky will appear soon to answer that one.
  13. Me I`ve sent you a challenge already. Anyone else that wants a challenge, just send and i`ll accept.
  14. I done this yesterday, and today, when i put my comp on, i found that it had been hijacked by BTOpenzone and BTFon! I never gave them permission for this, all i did was vote for Bedlington. I`m not even with BT for broadband, i`m with AOL. After this i might be getting my line rental off AOL too. Not impressed
  15. Cympil

    Poker Night?

    I`m not entirely sure if you should be encouraging gambling on here..maybe a different site would suit it better..Facebook maybe?
  16. Seems we have another radio station based in Bedlington, Ultra Radio... But it seems that someone from Koast isn`t too happy about it, going off their FB page!
  17. Cympil


    There`s a topic about this here you`ll find a link to the news article about it in there too
  18. The photo shows Rothbury main street as it was in 1910
  19. I would do the job for £500 a day, and i could save them thousands. Sack HIM!
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