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  1. This is a photo of Netherton the way it used to look. Four rows of pit houses (there were more houses at one time, but i think they were bulldozed because of their bad condition) the club is on the right hand side over the `green` Up near the top left of the photo is a little shop and opposite that is the miners institute.
  2. Well, i did say public house was close, just not close enough What the heck, i`ll give reps just for posting in here, i`m feeling generous today
  3. You discovered the gas leak? And then it burned down! How did it catch fire, did you spark a tab up
  4. Actually, it could have been all over Choppington road
  5. Yes, around there, not sure about 2.30 though!
  6. You`re correct when you say it`s long lost, but it wasn`t a public house, close though!
  7. This building used to be in Bedlington, but can you guess where it was and what year was the photo taken? Winner gets a Rep
  8. Cympil

    What Year

    Meldrew was correct, Presto`s opened in the early 70`s..
  9. Cympil

    What Year

    So it looks as if my first guess was correct after all
  10. Cympil

    What Year

    Going off a photo of the 1980 picnic in Blank`s gallery, it shows that Clevva clothes was no longer there, but Mirage. By the looks of state of the Mirage sign, it had been there for a while, at least a few years to get in that condition i would say. Another photo dated 1974 show the shop as Clevva Clothes, so we`re looking at maybe 1975 - 1979
  11. Cympil

    What Year

    I`ve found this photo, i`m not sure, but the red cars on both photo`s look very similar, are they the actual same car? If they are, there`s other cars on this photo that might give the year away. But i agree, early 80`s is looking likely, so i was about 10 years out with my first guess. This photo looks like it was taken at the same time..more cars (and shop fronts)
  12. Cympil

    Playstation Move

    I`ve just bought a PS3 which had a `move` included, but as it`s a Xmas present i haven`t even opened it, plus i haven`t a clue what it is even! It just seemed like a good deal, so i got it I think the best way to get an idea of the best games for it, is to check Google for Ps3 move games and check the reviews out. Not much help from me, but if you find a good game, mention it here because i need to buy a game or two for it
  13. I`m not sure when the actual pit closed, somewhere around 1973 i think. The colliery houses were knocked down not long after. There`s only fields where the Colliery houses used to be now.. I don`t know if you`ve checked the Gallery out, but there`s lots of newspaper articles about Netherton there, thanks to Carole There`s also a photo of the colliery rows here
  14. Confusing `b`s` with `d`s` earns you a rep too
  15. I don`t think they did...i can`t remember them joining anyway.
  16. If they can find `jobs` for long term unemployed, why don`t they give the same `jobs` to those people but pay them the going rate?
  17. For those people on here who don`t use FB, here are the photo`s of the inside view of Red Lion Wetherspoons, taken from their FB page.
  18. Fantastic news John! Congratulations
  19. Cympil

    Big Cat

    `One that captures perfectly the chaos and intensity of the autumn leaves as they surround the majestic lynx`
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