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  1. I heard that Wetherspoons closed early last night, they were turning customers away. Also, there was blue police tape outside of Jay Jays, so it seems some bother happened. Anyone know anything?
  2. Cympil


    The photo, i believe, is the early 60`s, possibly late 50`s. I`ll try and find out for sure though.
  3. Cympil

    Blur - Ps3 Live

    Well i need to set my Xbox 360 up again, so i`ll do that tomorrow. Hopefully, a few more people will join in.
  4. Cympil


    Another photo to add to the Barrington collection, although it`s not very big unfortunately.. Double Row, Barrington.
  5. Cympil

    Blur - Ps3 Live

    Not sure if anyone has this game but if you have, and play online, add Cympil and i`ll have a race with you It`s a bit like Mario Kart for adults! Also, if you play on the 360, my live i.d is Revenger2007, i`ve got Blur for that too, so send me a request if you want a race. Or add your live i.d`s below
  6. Cympil


    A fellow forum member `harty 1960` has mentioned `Rutters Buildings` I may be reading into things but it looks as if he may be related to the Rutters too?
  7. The Sixtownships has just released a dvd called `Digging up the past` which visits the Acorn Bank opencast in Bedlington 1959 if that`s any good to you
  8. Also, from 1955 - ``22 ton capacity Euclid trucks negotiating "Euclid-Bridge" over the Hartford Road near Bedlington, to reach the Ewart Hill Tip`` (taken from here)
  9. I`m not sure if this is what you`re looking for but there`s various photo`s of Acorn Bank Opencast here. Just click on the photo`s to enlarge them
  10. That was quick! It is indeed the Millfield Taken in 1975. Maybe you`ll know who had the place then? I heard it was Tom Hennessey but i`m not sure on this
  11. Ok, here`s another blast from the past! Where is this building and by what name was it known? Rep for the winner
  12. It says here that if the neighbours where the noisy alarm haven`t registered with a Keyholder, the Noise Team can break into the house and turn the alarm off. All the info needed is in the above link.
  13. Merry Xmas everyone, hope you are all enjoying your day
  14. Happy Birthday Pete, have a gud`in
  15. Cympil

    Enlarge Photo

    There`s a free tool here that you could try. Just upload your photo then choose which size you want it
  16. Cympil


    Nearly spot on there, there was an `Old Wood Row` along with `Sinkers Row` and `School Row` The information i found..taken from here `The colliery was owned by Viscount Barrington and had the Henry and the Molly shafts as well as the backshaft. Sinkers Row was built around 1840, followed by Old Wood Row and School row in 1851. The condition of the houses varied, but Old Wood Row seems to have been terrible, definitely worst. Yet some of the other houses had 5 rooms in all and had gardens front and back. There were 2 water supplies, one from Sleekburn Colliery which was often unfit to drink, and the other from a water cart that got water from the old iron works, and for which a charge of ½d per bucket was charged.`
  17. Cympil

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Tez, hope you`ve had a great day
  18. Cympil


    Thanks Barton, glad you like them I`m always on the look-out for old photo`s. Barrington and Netherton Colliery photo`s seem to be scarce though! I`m not sure which year the Office Row photo is from, but i think you must be pretty close. What year was it demolished, do you know? Also, could you give me the names of any other rows at Barrington? I`ve heard of Double Row and Alexander Row but that`s about it. It might help my search a bit if i knew a bit more about the place.
  19. Cympil


    A couple of photo`s i`ve came across regarding Barrington. How Barrington used to look and Office Row
  20. I`ve never really given the Freemasons a second thought, until these posts. I`ve always thought that there was a cloak around the Freemasons, and after reading these posts from a new member then a councillor (both pushing me in the direction of the same Freemason website) that i`m even more wary than ever! You both mention giving millions to charitable causes (while declaring `Freemasonry does not boast of it's contribution to society but goes about it's work quietly`) So, without going to an outside website, can any of you explain what free masonary is all about? Where does these millions come from? Is there a certain clientelle who can join the Free masons? Are there any female Free masons or are they all men? What does `black balled` mean? I`m not having a dig here, but i`d really appreciate straight answers to straight questions here. Thankyou
  21. No, just a field view now
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