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  1. All the details of the Easter run can be found here Looks like they`ll be in the Market Tavern around 2.48pm. I hope there`s plenty people there to greet them, although i`m sure there will be!
  2. `Money snatched in armed robbery at Northumberland store`
  3. Rumours are starting that someone`s robbed a security van at the Spar..
  4. The poor animal Still, at least it`s been re-homed at Longleat Safari Park.. So a happy ending for this animal at least.
  5. The police helicopter was flying around the Top End of Bedlington 5 minutes ago, it was quite low down too. Haven`t a clue what`s going on though.
  6. Cympil


    If that`s the case, what colour is a zebra?
  7. Cympil


    Aqua!!!! who could forget Barbie Girl (me, quite easily) Red Hot Chili peppers Moody Blues White Stripes or Average White Band Cream Greenday Pink Floyd Maroon 5 Black Sabbath Deep Purple Aqua
  8. Cympil


    :lol: Could we cheat a bit and use The Silver Beatles..that is what the Beatles used to be known as
  9. Cympil


    I know it now..after a visit to Youtube like
  10. Cympil


    Mink!! i`m sure there`s a band called Mink
  11. Cympil


    Golden earing??? Not heard of that one, only Gold band (actually, that should have said Gold ring)
  12. Cympil


    Red Hot Chili peppers Moody Blues White Stripes or Average White Band Cream Greenday Pink Floyd Maroon 5 Black Sabbath Deep Purple Struggling with a 10th band..is there none with silver or gold in?
  13. I`m pleased to hear that the Wharton is open. Who has it now?
  14. This photo is from 1930, so the buildings wouldn`t have changed that much, if at all
  15. Here`s a video from the CNN news site of Mr Rich`s recent visit to Bedlington. He`s been having a walk down the Front Street too, so hopefully, after seeing all the empty shops, he might dip his hand further in his pockets and donate a bit more (i can dream) http://edition.cnn.com/video/?/video/sports/2011/01/25/thomas.bedlington.soccer.hero.cnn
  16. Cympil

    Twisted Metal Ps3

    Just noticed today, that a lot of sites are saying it`s released in November, even though i`ve pre-ordered it on Amazon to receive it Feb 26th? I hope the date hasn`t been moved
  17. Cympil

    Twisted Metal Ps3

    For anyone that can remember the Twisted Metal series from the PS1 (basically Twisted Metal 1 & 2 because the rest were rubbish) Well, the dreaded Sweetooth and Warthog is back! A brand new Twisted Metal is released in 2 weeks on the PS3..and it looks amazing. I have mine pre-ordered already Take a look at the official trailer to get a glimpse of what`s to come, it`s worth watching the whole trailer if you`re familiar with Twisted Metal, but if you want to see the actual game, skip to 1.33. (watch out for the head banging patient who slides out of the back of an ambulance ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ije8tRJwJeg Anyone else excited about this? Or is it just me
  18. Cympil

    Blur - Ps3 Live

    On Blur now if anyones on (PS3)
  19. The Residents Present.... 8 top class acts The Venue................ Netherton Social Club The Date................. April 21st 2011 The Time................. 7.00pm The price................ £5.00 Ticketline:.............. Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm Available from........... Meadow Park Care Home Choppington Road Bedlington Ne226LA
  20. Cympil

    Corner Shops

    So, women are good for something then.....unlike men
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