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    I`m glad you`re enjoying looking at the photo`s If there`s any photo`s in particular that you`d like to see just let me know and i`ll see if i can find some.
  2. Sad to hear Joe`s not too well, give him our best wishes and let him know we are thinking of him
  3. I emailed them at the beginning of March about this. I had visited the Morpeth shop, bought a heap of things, waited on a bag (didn`t get offered one)so i asked for a one, and the women turned round and said `if you want a bag you`ll have to pay for it` (said in a snotty way)..needless to say, i didn`t. I told her to keep it. If i hadn`t of been fuming at the time and thinking straight, i would have returned the goods i had just bought and got my money back, but i stomped out the shop, juggling with my sausage rolls instead This is the reply i got from the email.. Dear Sir,( ) Thank you for taking the time to contact us. At Greggs we are committed to an on-going programme of continual reduction of any adverse impacts to the environment. We are currently trialling 1p and 2p carrier bags in a selection of shops in the North East, Morpeth is one of the trial shops however Bedlington is not. All profits from the bags will go to the Greggs Foundation to help support local environmental projects. We appreciate all customer feedback and I will pass on your comments to our Brand Retail Team. With regards to the attitude of the staff member in the Morpeth shop, I will pass on your comments to the Area manager to ensure that all staff members are aware of the importance of customer service. Kind regards Claire Florey Customer Care Team (notice the nice apology?) me neither
  4. A friend of mine happened to bump into John Dawson from the Six Townships Community History Group yesterday, and asked him about Storey`s Buildings. That`s how i found out where it used to be. There is a forun on the Sixtownships website where you could ask him about this, or email him directly (his email is on the above link)
  5. Just found out where Storey`s Buildings were and they aren`t where we were thinking! They were opposite what used to be Taits shop at Choppington. Richardson Buildings is still there but Storey`s Building isn`t. I`m assuming they would have been to the left of these houses?
  6. Like i said, i won`t vote because it wouldn`t make any difference. Because whoever gets in will do what they want anyway, regardless of the promises they make. I`ll not be complaining or ranting on about whoever gets in either. When things get worse and this country slides further down the pan, i`ll just say `I told you so`. Then i`ll blame the people that voted for them for allowing them to do it.
  7. Must admit, The Wharton is a nice little pub. It`s still going after all these years...same faces, same craic.. Best of luck to it
  8. And by me voting doe`s what exactly? Surely by now, you can see the way this works? Just incase you missed it, they say `we`ll do this, that and the other, we promise to change things for the better etc etc`..what then happens..they`re voted in by gullible people that takes anything in..brought up to not think for themselves.. No wonder this country is in the state it`s in..there`s absoluteley no hope. Any person with any sense wouldn`t vote. They need to throw the lot of the over-paid moron Mp`s out and start from scratch. Get shot of the lot. Greedy, dishonest,manipulating !*!@# .
  9. Forgot to add, he hates police. Not doing himself any favours really, is he?
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