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  1. So wot do u think,is porn acceptable on a site like Bedlington? What`s your`e view on the subject? am i in the wrong here or what? Personally,i`m deeply offended by it (as you can tell) do you think it`s acceptable? Come on..tell the truth...
  2. Denzel wears a lovely pink tracksuit..don`t you Denzel Oh,i might be wrong,or so he`ll say...
  3. an the point being....?
  4. here here..wot a tos*er,he thinks nowt of justifying hardcore porn,he`s a sad inadequate individual..have u not got a girlfriend/wife Denzel...I wonder why? and for gods sake folks,don`t click on his links,coz not only will u end up with a virus,but you`ll probably get the busys at your door too!
  5. Cympil


    i didn`t notice what avatar you had on,was it the same one that i put on like? i`m gonna change mine too coz it`s ment to be dancing,it looks like its just come back from the taxidermist!
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    one of my favourite films that
  7. Cympil


    There`s a local bloke gone missing,last seen in Netto`s car park,does anyone know him http://www.blyth-wansbecktoday.co.uk/ViewA...ticleID=2145060
  8. you`ve got a tallented dog Monsta
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