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  1. I`ll not get the paper till tomorrow but i`ll have a read of it when it lands. I did have a look on the News Post site but i can`t find your letter on there (maybe it is there and i can`t see it for looking!)
  2. The only reference i can find to Carrington Colliery, is that it was formerly known as `Wickham and Bullock Island Colliery, Carrington`. If this is the right colliery (and not Barrington) then you`d be best off searching for Bullock Island. There`s quite a bit info on Google. There`s a photo here too.
  3. Might pay to work part time and claim benefits?
  4. Cympil

    Old Blyth Photo`s

    Some old photo`s that i`ve come across. I`ll add more as i find them.
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