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  1. I`m glad that you`ve found the photo again, it`s good to put names to the photo`s too! Which lad was your Father?
  2. This is Plessey Mill Farm, it can be seen from Plessey Woods. The actual address for it is Shotton Lane, Cramlington, so by rights, i should maybe make a Cramlington photo album! I`m not sure if it`s always been called Plessey Mill Farm though, as this photo was only titled `Plessey Mill`. Maybe someone can enlighten us further on this one.
  3. You forgot to mention the other swear word, the one you just can`t get away with on here. Here`s a clue `That online auction site that is in no way as good as Free Bedlington.co.uk Classifieds` :lol:
  4. Happy Birthday Monsta, have a great day!
  5. Basically, take it to where you bought it from and tell them you want a replacement. By law they have to offer you a repair, replacement or refund, and will usualy do so in that order and since you`re getting no-where with repairs, get a replacement or refund.
  6. Cympil

    Hartford Lodge 1920

    I think you could be right!
  7. He`s was here between 12 and 2pm..or very close by. The web clue was `Following the pin... that's where I'll be... my rightful place... my bounty to see` I wonder if anyone has found him yet? The money is down to £1000 now and they had till 6 to find him.
  8. This site sells lots of old fashioned sweets, including Wonky`s baccy
  9. Looks like the problems solved! The lass that sent me the photo has just seen that video and she said that`s exactly what they looked like It`s a wonder that they`re not a regular sighting! Not many people must know about how to make them..well, they do now, so we may get an idea how many folk use this forum by tonight
  10. I got a call tonight at 10 o`clock from a friend telling me that there were 3 orange glowing lights in the sky and she didn`t know what to think! She hadn`t seen anything like it before. She spotted them over the Meadowdale Estate and they were heading in the direction of the Front Street. They were bright glowing orange and ascending slowly..When i asked what size they were she said `If you compare the size of aeroplane lights to a tennis ball, these were the size of footballs` She did manage to get a photo of them, although they look like little half moons on it.. Did anyone else see anything or have an idea as to what they are?
  11. `Let me in, i want to vote!!!`
  12. I finally won a trophy...Get in
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