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  1. Probably locked up for backing me up on the old site,and refusing to end my posts! but it's all come true, Sheep Bahh Bahh Follow the P.C. gang.MINT SAUCE!!!!!!!!!
  2. I was also there,with some rather radical ideas,Tez got into some bother with one or two of my posts, but I'm pleased to read ,not only on your posts but some others as well ,that you have finally come round to what is actually happening,and what HAS happened in this country,and abroad regarding our radical racial b rothers!!!! ............ 9/11........7/11 Hooky and all his extremist followers are not welcome in this country and should leave as soon as possible or face the concequences!!!!!! The people of this country are sick of them blatently going against the laws of this country and believe me,those that are not sheep,will rise,and the streets of Great Britain will run with blood,and it won't be ours!!!!!!!!! Enoch Powell Was Right.
  3. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Derek is it now! Do you always tell the truth? First you don't make anything out of it then its's £125 now it's less than £100?????? Then you are at the pub all the time even when you are not working because it is such a "crackin" place to be ,then you tell us that you are only there part time. Well folks it's make your mind up time. Is she or isn't she? An by the way ALL the other business's include Yourself, The Sun Inn,Blue Bell errrrrrr that's it.Says a lot about the pub business in Good Old Bedlington Town
  4. Agree.But I may be wrong, but I don't think anyone can build on the land,read somewhere that Hartford estates wanted the park(13th,14th,15th) to build on but couldn't get planning permission.Maybe that's why it's only £500,000
  5. Whats that comin over the hill, it's a monsta,it's a monstaaaaaa with a full load to fly tip at the bottom of the hill
  6. Where ya parkin ya Herbie?????????????.......................... Jus jokin Keep up the good work
  7. Merlin


    Conutations my friend
  8. Has anyone heard anymore about the sale of the golf club by W.D.C. I think it was connected to the sale of the community centre but not sure. If W.D.C. are involved you can be sure it's for their benefit and not for the good folk of Bedlington!
  9. No thats already blocked with a wheel clamp
  10. Seem to have lost me touch but al get there!
  11. Bar fly and Get a life spring to mind!!!!!
  12. Merlin


    Gan on gi the chav both barrels,me an ye ar ganna get alang fine!!
  13. Whats parking a car got to do with, possibly the best artist in the area. Shouldn't you be supporting this talent from Bedlington,or are you another kind of artist!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another thing these drawings are the real thing, jealousy is a most horrible trait
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