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  1. I voted to leave. You new fookers on here don't know me, the old ones do! So they are now holding their breath as to what I have to say. It's been a while since I've been on here, to say I am not happy at some of these comments is an understatement. At the moment I am thinking and thinking hard! The wrath of Merlin is about to descend on you! Think very carefully about what you post, get your facts right and I may leave you alone, if not I will take you down! Be warned I take no prisoners and speak my mind, friend or foe! Cheers Merlin.
  2. So Ireland has legalised gay marriage. the first couple to be married are Ben Dover and Phil McCavity. Oooooosh!
  3. Hello Malcolm, long time! Malcolm V Tyler seems to be showing a very vindictive side, and I think that the green monster has reared its ugly head here. She has hidden agendas here, what? I know not. Maybe questions will reveal the truth about her and her cohorts in previous cooncils. Truths that she may not want revealed. Usually these truths involve money! Where it has gone and into which back pockets it has disappeared into. Though you and every one on here know my views on that! Malcolm through here and the occasions I have met you whether out and about or at Cooncil meetings you have always talked of one thing and that is to get things done for Bedlington without consideration for yourself and I applaud you for that. You are the one guy I would trust to fight for the Town that is Bedlington. So watch your back and keep up the good work, the truth will always come out in the end. Good luck lad!
  4. Nerr tha's only one of meðŸ˜ðŸ˜
  5. Is that because he already knows he ain't going there because of his sexual orientation?
  6. Been off here a while now and just decided to have a look again. Good God it's as if I'd never been away, same old, same old! Look, the world does not owe Bedlington a favour! Bedlington as it stands is in no mans land, the Cooncil aren't bothered, the local MP only shows his arrogant two faces when it suites him, useless git! Even the majority of Bedlington people can't be bothered to get off their behinds to do anything to help Bedlington. The rents on the Front Street are exorbitant to the extreme. Local people are to blame for this! Well one not so local as he is with his boyfriend on the Isle of Man. Anyway we moved from a small shop on the Front Street to a one four times the size further up the street for a third of the rent of the small one. The larger premises are owned by someone in London. Tesco also blame the Cooncil for the barriers that were put up to everything Tesco wanted to do! The monstrosity that is the Market place doesn't help either, steps and ill laid Yorkshire stone, slip slide away. While I'm on about monstrosities what the hell is going on over the road? Hadrians wall was built in less time than that eyesore! Anyway I've strayed but so what While I'm on the Tesco site is quite large, yes? Ideal site for a leisure centre! Cooncil said money was there but nowhere to build one in Bedlington. Let's see what excuses they come up with now! Wow after that I need a rest! Good to be back haha
  7. I sadly left Bedlington four month ago for GuidePost, but I must say that I now have more choice here than I did in Bedlington, even though I need a second mortgage to shop at the Co-op!
  8. Lloyds TSB what a joke, can't use their current account cards in any cash machine except their own, but I can use my savings card in any machine eh! When I asked about this their reply was, well you can get cash back at any store! Yes you muppets if I spend ten quid first. Anyway ended up closing my account with them, this in itself was less than straight forward! Here goes. Went into bank. I want to close my account. Ok Mr ****** I'll check your account first, well you seem to have a returned direct debit from two month ago! News to me,but never mind. Ok, says me how much? Twenty pound sir. Ok there's twenty pound. Thank you sir. Is that it I ask. Well sir there is a thirty pound charge as well. Frowning and muttering, there's the thirty pound. Is that all? Can The account be closed now? Yes, Yes Oh! Wait a minute you used your card on Friday at Tesco four pound thirty. Well I'll give you that as well says I. Can't do that sir it still hasn't cleared the system. If you come back on Thursday it will have cleared and we can close your account then. Huffing and puffing by now, So that's it four pound thirty on Thursday and nothing else, are you sure. Yes sir I've checked the whole system and it's clear. Right see you Thursday. Thursday. Into the bank I go (you know where this is heading) I knew I was in bother when I saw the specky bald headmaster type on the counter. I was in on Monday to close my account and was told to come back today to pay four pound thirty to clear my account and close it. Ok he says I'll just check your account, you have a returned direct debit from two month ago. I paid that Monday. Not according to this and there will be a thirty pound charge as well! Are you paying this today? No I f****** well am not I paid all that on Monday.you owe us the money sir, this while looking down his nose as if talking to a turd. Me trying to be calm growl through gritted teeth, Your cashier checked my account on Monday and. I owe. You. Nothing. More. Than. Four. Pound. Thirty! Sir you have a returned direct debit from two month ago. Again down his nose. Nuclear explosion at the counter No f****** wonder every f****** body hates you f****** w****** b****** bankers stuff your bank and stuff you son as from now my account is closed. Stormed out of bank. Drove home and fired off an e-mail to head office accusing them of everything from incompetence , fraud, theft and generally being assh****. Ended up getting everything I paid,back, and fifty quid compensation good eh! Nope they paid the fifty quid into the account they had closed. That's not the end folks about an hour after I stormed out of the bank I went to Greggs and after getting served I turned round and low and behold who should be behind me in the queue but mister headmaster himself. He said There was no need for that carry on before and no need to swear at me. Ya forgetting two important points pal, ya not in the bank and tha's not a glass screen between us now, you eva talk down ya f****** nose to me again you'll regret it and m8 av reported you for attempted theft and fraud you are now under investigation from your head office, have a nice day or words to that effect!
  9. My, My! What have I been missing? I move away from Bedlington and the place goes ape! I think I'll move back just to keep you lot under control. Good luck Malcolm m8 give them a good kicking lad, you know where I am if you need me!!
  10. I wish I knew what you are on about!!
  11. Interesting Adam but, do they realise that the Tories are in power (un-elected I may add) and only their high brow mates can afford the prices! But of course that's what it's for, so they can all laugh at the locals scratching about for summit to eat while they dine in first class!!
  12. My dulcet tones eh! I'll have to get myself up to speed then see who I can 'Dulcet'
  13. Cheers Brian. I have tears in my eyes with the welcome back messages, either that or it's these damn onions
  14. Canny Lass, These went out in the 1800,s didn't they
  15. Symptoms, Go on admit it you missed me really!
  16. Use one of those as a door stop! The house I have just moved into has an open fire and after living with the CLEAN and CHEAP GAS (hahaha) for the last ten year, you know what? You can stick ya gas where the sun don't shine!
  17. Thankyou, Thankyou! You know how I said I was no longer a Bedlingtonian well according to google I am. It says that Bedlingtonshire includes Choppington,GuidePost and Stakeford so there you go I'm still part of the family. Phew!
  18. No longer a Bedlingtonian now a GuidePostman! Had a lot on my plate, no not at Christmas, but for the last few months. A lot has happened while I've been away not just on here but to me personally. I may or may not divulge later! As it happens my return to this group is due to a chance meeting with Malcolm and him telling me that people missed me winding them up, just kidding Malc My views seem to get people talking and more to the point THINKING! I will be fully on line on the 17th of this month, new house has no phone line ordered new one on 16th of Dec and first available date was the one stated before. EH! BT wanted 230quid but Sky are doing it for a tenner but BT install it anyway get ya heeds roond that one, nearly as good as wa cooncillas! EH! Still at Nissan. BOO! Any way I hope you (foxy) and all the others had a great Christmas and I hope you all have a happy and carefree New Year. Cheers Merlin
  19. Recently at a BBQ, the demon drink kicked in for a Cooncillor! Local and very well known in the community! Said cooncillor who doesn't usually drink was heard bragging of how he can afford to have so many BBQ's, Ha Ha I put them on my expenses, I pay for nowt, and I mean nowt haha you are all idiots haha! Unfortunately or fortunately whichever way you look at it, no one was recording at the time! Believe you me if I had in my possession such incriminating evidence it would have hit every forum, every paper and every social net work! You don't know how very lucky you have been son. But NOW I know what you are up to, you had better keep off the drink, you won't be so lucky next time. The next time some one offers you a drink, it might be me, think very, very hard before you accept. You will be recorded, one way or the other! And, I above all others have more reason to bring you down than others! You are now being watched! Your 'friends' will tell you who I am, but more importantly I KNOW who YOU are!
  20. Brettly, I always watch what I'm saying! For some unknown REASON people don't like hearing the truth and/or can't think for themselves....baa...baa Where's me wellies?
  21. You think the hair pin was bad Orloff, we used to ride our bogeys at GuidePost from the Queens Head down Sheepwash Ave then Sheepwash bank then along Welbeck out onto the main road past the Anglers Arms and only stopped at Sheepwash Bridge! If you were really brave or mad, at the bottom of Sheepwash Ave you did a right turn down Dene road and prayed that you could take the 45 degree turn at the bottom, if not end up down someones yard and oot tha back garden and into the Wannie HAHA Great Times!
  22. How! Ye! Yes Ye! You know who I'm talking about! Remember when ye called me the 'c' word on here? Let's hear your views on this topic! Ya still a 'Mod' on here even though you haven't posted in at least 2yrs, the rules state to remain a member you have to post at least once a year to retain membership, never mind being a mod! Don't think I haven't noticed you sneaking on in the early hours to have a nose! It might even be you now as a guest! I call again for you to be removed from mod status. Why should you have the right to snoop around this site, and hide behind a mod status and still have a say in what people post when you don't post yourself! You and your little clique soon spat tha dummies out when you realised you weren't the hub of this site and that people had (God Forbid) different opinions to yourselves! Yes Hamburger I'm talking to you!
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