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  1. I voted to leave. You new fookers on here don't know me, the old ones do! So they are now holding their breath as to what I have to say. It's been a while since I've been on here, to say I am not happy at some of these comments is an understatement. At the moment I am thinking and thinking hard! The wrath of Merlin is about to descend on you! Think very carefully about what you post, get your facts right and I may leave you alone, if not I will take you down! Be warned I take no prisoners and speak my mind, friend or foe! Cheers Merlin.
  2. So Ireland has legalised gay marriage. the first couple to be married are Ben Dover and Phil McCavity. Oooooosh!
  3. Hello Malcolm, long time! Malcolm V Tyler seems to be showing a very vindictive side, and I think that the green monster has reared its ugly head here. She has hidden agendas here, what? I know not. Maybe questions will reveal the truth about her and her cohorts in previous cooncils. Truths that she may not want revealed. Usually these truths involve money! Where it has gone and into which back pockets it has disappeared into. Though you and every one on here know my views on that! Malcolm through here and the occasions I have met you whether out and about or at Cooncil meetings you have alway
  4. Nerr tha's only one of meðŸ˜ðŸ˜
  5. Is that because he already knows he ain't going there because of his sexual orientation?
  6. Been off here a while now and just decided to have a look again. Good God it's as if I'd never been away, same old, same old! Look, the world does not owe Bedlington a favour! Bedlington as it stands is in no mans land, the Cooncil aren't bothered, the local MP only shows his arrogant two faces when it suites him, useless git! Even the majority of Bedlington people can't be bothered to get off their behinds to do anything to help Bedlington. The rents on the Front Street are exorbitant to the extreme. Local people are to blame for this! Well one not so local as he is with his boyfriend on the
  7. I sadly left Bedlington four month ago for GuidePost, but I must say that I now have more choice here than I did in Bedlington, even though I need a second mortgage to shop at the Co-op!
  8. Lloyds TSB what a joke, can't use their current account cards in any cash machine except their own, but I can use my savings card in any machine eh! When I asked about this their reply was, well you can get cash back at any store! Yes you muppets if I spend ten quid first. Anyway ended up closing my account with them, this in itself was less than straight forward! Here goes. Went into bank. I want to close my account. Ok Mr ****** I'll check your account first, well you seem to have a returned direct debit from two month ago! News to me,but never mind. Ok, says me how much? Twenty pound sir. O
  9. My, My! What have I been missing? I move away from Bedlington and the place goes ape! I think I'll move back just to keep you lot under control. Good luck Malcolm m8 give them a good kicking lad, you know where I am if you need me!!
  10. I wish I knew what you are on about!!
  11. Interesting Adam but, do they realise that the Tories are in power (un-elected I may add) and only their high brow mates can afford the prices! But of course that's what it's for, so they can all laugh at the locals scratching about for summit to eat while they dine in first class!!
  12. My dulcet tones eh! I'll have to get myself up to speed then see who I can 'Dulcet'
  13. Cheers Brian. I have tears in my eyes with the welcome back messages, either that or it's these damn onions
  14. Canny Lass, These went out in the 1800,s didn't they
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