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  1. You ASSUMED that I had not seen any films etc. OH and BTW I do 1000+ miles a week 48 weeks a year and have done for the past 26 years. I agree with you 100% about the higher the speed in an built up area the more severe the punishment should be. But I think some of the speed limits need looking at with regards to some of the limits set at on particular roads, the Barrington Road is a classic example 30mph the whole length is a "JOKE" yes byall means where the stables are or the entrance to the industrial estate that should be 30 and the rest should at least be 40 so I feel sorry for yourself
  2. Your making an assumption that I have not seen any of the films you refer to or infact the aftermath of RTA,s. I can assure you that I have.
  3. Yes and I fully understand why you feel agrivated at the idiot driving as fast as he was and not getting punished.
  4. I agree with you about "some" of the idiots on the roads, but your wrong about the speed cameras because they will put someone doing 34 in the same category and the same punishment as the idiot doing 60+. I know BOTH are classed as speeding one downright dangerous however I think EVERYONE who drives cannot put there hand on there heart and say that they have NEVER broken the speed limit whilst in charge of a motor vehicle regardless of where or what they are driving. I do think there are some terrible drivers on the roads irrispective of age or gender and I for one think it should be mandatory
  5. I was,nt aware we were drinking buddies so why surprised?
  6. I was,nt as blunt as Monsta but I agree... remember location location location
  7. The consequences of drink driving are AS dangerouse if not more so than assault.....And I think you will find Adams was,nt an angel by any stretch
  8. In 1939 this country had a "leader" something which has,nt been seen since. With the possible exception of the Iron Lady....... however I,m not condoning her politics just her single mindedness and strenght... typical woman and theres nowt wrong with that
  9. Not wanting to throw water on your fire Monsta but Tony Adams went on to captain England in 1994 after being in nick in 1990, Joey Barton may still be in with a chance if he continues playing the way he is capable of, I think he atleast deserves a chance.
  10. I dont think there is ANY comparisons to make with regards to 1939 and the late 60,s/early 70,s which is when something should have been done. We get more fervor here over the national bloody football team entering the world cup than we have for the real National Pride we should have in our once great country.
  11. What,s more to the point Linzi is........... DO YOU ? I have always thought there are three criteria to opening up a new business location, location, location.
  12. "Actions speak louder than words" We should know ALL about that our local MP,s have been doing it for decades and they have ALL talked !*!@# . Strange really he talkes about a "national identity" and patriotism this should have been done years ago, anyone who is/was interested it the future/state of this country will tell you that, but those in power were scared incase it was seen as racism and unfortunatly the day it was deemed that flying OUR national flag etc etc became second to fear of insulting those who WANTED to live here well in my opinion its to late. Like it or loath it, its here to
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