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  1. Actually, most of the lights are nothing to do with Wansbeck District Council, all they supply are the paltry few attached to lamp posts. Those attached to the business premises are either supplied by the traders themselves, Bedlingtonshire Chamber of Trade (those around St. Cuthbert's Church), or Bedlington Forum.
  2. Bedlington is overlooked because it is part of Wansbeck. Count up how many councillors Ashington has - more than enough to out number the rest of the Wansbeck councillors, so they get their own way over everything. Bedlington councillors don't stand a chance of getting anything through, even if they wanted to.
  3. If anyone is confused by this - they fixed it!!!
  4. Either I am 1 hour behind time, or the clock on this site is one hour ahead of the rest of us.
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