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  1. Hi Alanc, the last time I visited St Cuthbert's was at the end of last year and the grounds were under a lot of snow so didn't notice much. What kind of a state are they in?
  2. There used to be some funny stuff on the Fast Show, wonder what made them come to Ashington? That must have been filmed in the 90s, judging by the way people are dressed...
  3. But Bedlington doesn't have a chance against Morpeth, or worse - Blyth
  4. Anns Pantry is on Allgood Terrace. The shop on Millbank Road was Frazers the last time it was open - but it hasnt been a shop for at least 8 years now. Frazers on Millbank Road
  5. Blank

    Sun Inn 1900

    Hasn't changed much
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-11731928
  7. Blank

    Big Cat

    Well done Merlin on clearing that up - and it's nice to know your work has been recognised:
  8. I second that John, do continue to keep us updated on Synergy. Your hard work and enthusiasm will pay off and the town is behind you.
  9. I asked about this at the checkout last time I was in. The girl on the till said there is a slight delay due to Bats. Once the Bat issue has been sorted, things will get going. Has anyone else heard about this? I'm presuming the Bats are in the building next door?
  10. Wetherspoons in Bedlington - I'll believe it when I see it.
  11. How broken does a man's mind have to be before he can do such a thing? RIP to all who lost their lives.
  12. Blank

    Guess Where

    Thought I'd found a good one there but obviously not!
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