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  1. I just think that it is a shame about all the pubs not just the Red Lion as being a Bar Lass I have fond memories of all the pubs in Bedlington (the blue bell on an afternoon watching deal or no deal and putting £2 bets on racehorses) and I just think that pubs are going to slowly sizzle out and there won't be anymore. But what will happen then for those of us who do enjoy going out?? Yes the breweries are destroying the pub industry but the government is the biggest greediest person ever as if you imagine for every pint a pub sells they put around 5p on a pint when the new budget comes in. Imagine how much the brewery is forced to put the beer up in order to be able to still make a hefty profit. All the breweries are in it for these days is to make money out of short term landlords because when you invest in a pub you invest 1000's and the majority of landlords/ladies last around 18 months - 2 years and then they are forced to move as the brewery puts the price of rent, rates up the more that the pub is turning over so then they get rid of one person, get someone else in and then charge them to invest which goes around in a vigorous circle and no matter what the breweries say they are all the same. A guy from Punch Taverns once asked me if I would take over the Dun Cow if somebody left and I said no because all you breweries are all the same and he said actually we are different. YEAH RIGHT!! Thats why the dun cow, the market tavern, clayton and all the others that punch owns has had god knows how many people in them!!! In a few years time this country is going to be completely destroyed and it will all be the governments fault!
  2. thats because more people are moving out of bedlington rather than moving in!! How about they sort the towns shops,pubs ect out before they start allowing for more flats to be built. The trouble is the people who haev moved to bedlington aren't from there and that's why over the past few years Bedlington has gone down hill and also because people would rather go to morpeth, ashington, blyth and cramlington to go shopping which is partly to do with there are actually shops there as well!!!
  3. Although I don't live in Bedders anymore I'm always curious to know what is going on with the Red Lion as I worked there for about 3 years and it was my home as I used to stay there when the bosses were away. I am so disappointed that people are planning on changing it from a Pub into retail space??? I'm all for the restaurant upstairs, I think that is a fab idea but I think someone should be fighting to keep the downstairs as a pub and turn it back into a traditional pub with the quiz night on a thursday with the old spin the wheel, fridays 70's and 80's night, Saturday just a normal party night and maybe bring back the £1 a drink night on a tuesday minus the kids though. I know it's been de-licensed but it's not that hard for someone to get a license back as long as they prove that they are going to put measures in to ensure that it isn't going to be the same as before. that's what happened with the Blue Bell at one point. What it needs is a partnership of a few people, one to take on the upstairs and the other to take on downstairs and I am sure that it would work. Honestly if I had the money I would do it without a 2nd glance. What Bedlington needs is someone who is willing to put their heart and soul into something that will put the town back on the map but they can't do it single handed. The problem with the pubs is that they are all 2 faced. When I worked in the pubs all the owners/landlords/landladys said oh yes we need to do this and that and maybe we can bring some custom back to the town but people were trying and others were sitting back and letting others do the leg work. I tried to get something organised where all the pubs clubbed together and we had a weekend of live entertainment across all the pubs a couple of years ago but that went wrong because when it came to the crunch nobody wanted to risk spending money for it to fall flat on it's face but if you don't try then you don't know. I remember when we used to take 20K a week in the Red Lion and gone are those days because the owner messed the managers around then got some cow in who ran it to the ground and then he closed it, then JR took over it from Blyth and that went even more into the ground and destroyed it. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if in a couple of years time there's the Ridge Farm, The Wharton and the Barrington Arms left at the top end of Bedlington and that's it. It is such a shame with the Red Lion because it has been a pub for so many years and theres so much history behind the place, years ago when the pits were in Bedlington all the miners used to go there on a Friday night before they went home for the weekend and upstairs there were different coloured rooms with certain ladies of the night up there. The pub wasn't half as big then, it has since been extended but I just think that if only someone had made a proper go of it then it would still be there now. RIP Red Lion
  4. Saw mrs vic on friday night in the tavern and she was telling me to come back on here as she hasnt spoken to me for a while. I haven't been back to Bedlington properly for about a year and when I came up the front street i was a bit disappointed in the amount of shops/pubs ect that have been boarded up (although was glad to be back home). I think the council has let it run to rack and ruin and something needs to be done about it, it wasnt that long ago when they were painting everything, putting more bins and seats in to make bedlington look better. how about they start by lowering the rates for shop owners and start money back into helping the community like a decent pool hall (this may attract the teenagers as well as adults) a decent place to take the kids (i.e some kind of play area) and also give the struggling business's a bit of help. I dont understand how they could let it get this bad but thats the council for you. theres plenty of residents in bedlington paying council tax, so where the heck is all this money going???? It is an absolute DISGRACE!!!!
  5. Bebside Inn which I would say is more or less Bedlington haha
  6. yep once im sorted then i will be back on here!!!
  7. I know its not that far away but just wanted to tell everybody as I know loads of ppl on here from a few bars in bedlington and used to be a regular on here so jst wanted to share my joy!! haha
  8. Hi all, long time no speak. Just wanted to share my news with everybody. I am moving to south shields very soon, I have a new job working with an ex forces recruitment agency in South Shields and I am going to be co-habiting with my boyfriend that I have been with about a year. Its the biggest step ever for me just hope its the right one!!!! I am going to be a deserter but will still be in Bedlington sometimes as my friends and family are all here. Hope to see you all soon, nearly moved now so..................
  9. afraid not, was only stating a fact, its amazing actually all you have to do is have the money and thats it and of course your license
  10. for your information as long as youve got a pub licence anybody can runa pub as long as you do ur two week management course
  11. he has and another well known name that i shall not be mentioning, hes workin his ass off durin the night and everything to redecorate and make it better. i think everybody should give the pub a go when its all finished, i shall keep you updated. BRING BACK THE GOOD OLD DAYS
  12. I know its not perfect but my mam works at bedlington high and that is soon to be a secondary school with all the kids from west sleekburn moving there, may not be an academy but better than nowt!!
  13. I know theyd definitely do wonders for this town like I would also like to say that the red lion has been taken over by a mate of mine called scott vincent, lovely lad previously known from dominics before it was movies. hes cleaning the place up and chucking all the kids out. all id like to say is best of luck to him and hopefully hell succeed
  14. Has to be said that the shop was disappointing.was nice to see the bloke whos watchin cctv sober for a change. AND............the alcohol is cheaper at ASDA!!!
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