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  1. Hi My great uncle was called Stephen miller 1919 - 1999 from Blyth i know he was a miner in 1939 as the census has his occupation on it and he was in the home guards during the second world war (don't know if he would still be working down the pit at that time) then went back to mining after the war
  2. Hi All New to group but doing some digging on a relative of mine who was involved in a mining accident/collapse on 7th February 1968 he was badly injured in the mine all i can find out he was working in Bedlington A pit, last date i have is 1953 as i have a authorised person slip for 'A' pit for cutting machines in 1953 he may have moved to another local pit but cannot find any information or records of any accidents for this date. I've been to woodhorn archives and cannot find anything there but didn't really have a good look. the story i have been told is that my great uncle was a hewer at the pit, the pit collapsed on him and he told the other miners who were trying to rescue him to leave him as they were unable to free him, but he managed to get himself free and get himself out of the pit, when taken to hospital the doctors said to him that after an accident like this and with the injures he had he should have been dead but he made a recovery and was left disabled because of the accident but still went on to live a some what normal life until he passed away in 1999 has anyone heard or has information on a collapse or any accidents from local pits in 1968? any help would be much appreciated
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