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  1. I believe some graves are still in the garden of the house. The graveyard opposite is obviously still there. Me and My Mam had a walk around it!
  2. It’s West Sleekburn church. My Dad was from Bedlington, my Mam from Stakeford
  3. Hi, my Dads cousin was called Ralph Muldoon, sorry but don’t know DOB. I imagine he would be in his 80,s . My Dad would have been 84 now 😞
  4. My Dad went to Whitley Memorial. I have seen a football picture of him 52-53 seniors, which was great to see. He lived with his Grandma, my great grandma Lynn on Shiny row, with his Mother Alice ( Moore, then Waldie) Nee Lynn. They moved around a lot apparently. They also lived at Lilly Avenue. His cousin was called Ralph Muldoon, who married someone called Kitty. I believe they had a son who was killed by the IRA when he was in the Army at Ireland. I have very limited information. Leslie Moore went into the Army and then we think he may of lived in Newcastle?? I hope someone knows of them.
  5. My Dad , Bill, was born 18/03/1938. Leslie was older, but don’t know his DOB. I’ll have to ask my Mam if she can remember names and dates.
  6. My Dad Bill Moore, grew up in Bedlington. He had a bother called Leslie. They fell out ?? Approx 1964. I know very little about my Dads family as he never talked about them and he never wanted me to look them up. He sadly died 4 years ago, and I’m trying to do a family tree. I have loads of info from my Mams side, but not my Dads. My grandma ( Dads Mam) was Alice Lynn, she married William Moore and had my Dad and Leslie. She divorced my Grandad and remarried Bill Waldie. My grandads family were originally from Southern Ireland. My Dads grandma maiden name was Muldoon, and I know he had a cousin in Bedlington with the name Muldoon. I wonder if Leslie is still alive? Did he marry, did he have children? Why did they fall out and stop communicating? im hoping someone can remember the family and fill in a few blanks. Thank you
  7. No.6 My Dad Bill Moore. No mistaking himx
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