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  1. Public meeting on the Friday night, diggers there first thing Saturday. Pointless meeting? We attended and learned of 200 homes to be built along with retention pond. A roundabout to be installed where Netherton Lane joins the main road out of the town. On the face of it, didn't look too bad and gives the town a natural border, but it's the lack of transparency of where the builders local investment funds goes that grates with me. I'm more concerned about rumours of building to the north of Edinburgh drive and around to the land behind Meadowdale Accademy field (essentially joining hazelmere to the chesters), with access roads via Edinburgh and Featherstone I presume. Looking at Google maps I can't see any natura space for an access road via the chesters. Traffic in and out of the estate if this happens will cause significant problems with only one way into the whole estate.

  2. So with all of these new homes, builders have to pay the council vast sums for local investment. Local meaning Ashington as we all know. Investment in schools such as the West End (or even replacement of) is essential, but this money will be swallowed up elsewhere, leaving bedlington without. And all of these extra homes means extra council tax, again we'll not see much of that come out way either.

    There is certainly not much going for Bedlington as we've been let down time after time by local MPs and councils. Mr Lavery, that's you. Speaking to people around the town I know I'm not the only one to be thinking sod this, time to up sticks and move somewhere that invests in its residents rather than siphon cash from one town to an under privileged neighbour....again.

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  3. Completely agree foxy, but unfortunately its the whingers that make their voice heard more than the people focussed on getting things done.  Whilst my comment above is negative, I also have to admit that I was very impressed with how professional some of the councillors came across.


    I guess my frustration was borne from the open sessions being at the beginning of the meeting, and then not being able to say anything further on through the meeting when it was closed.  It was at the last WBTC meeting, and I also have to say that some of the public didn't do themselves any favour by persistently butting in when it was clear it wasn't an open forum.  Chairing a meeting is a very difficult job to do at the best of times, and often the measure of how good a meeting is, is a reflection of how good the chair is at keeping things on track and focussed.

  4. I've only been to one meeting and the one point I took from it was councillors complaining about how long they were going to be there.

    Don't envy anyone chairing it, but I won't be wasting anymore of my time attending again. Never been more frustrated after any meeting than I was that evening.

  5. Tomorrow (Friday 6th Sept) is the final day for feedback on the proposed wind turbine on the approach from Nedderton into Bedlington.

    Please refer back to the first post for details on how to object to (or support) the plan. Currently there have been over 150 responses on the planning portal, around 10 are in favour or neutral, the rest all object. Make your voice heard if you have an opinion.

  6. I spoke to the planning contact at NCC (Joanne Wood) earlier today and she has not been on site yet. She plans to visit before the nd of this week and it is almost certain that any dealine will be extended by 3 weeks. Site notices will go up following her visit and I requested that they be put around Hazelmere specifically but she informed me it would likely go beyond there due to the sheer size of the turbine and just how visible it will be.

    So keep an eye up for the site notices, and spread the word to get as many objections as possible in!

  7. I found out today that there is a planning application in for a 250ft wind turbine about 600m west of the Hazelmere Estate at the top end of Bedlington. On the Northumberland Planning Portal (http://publicaccess.northumberland.gov.uk/online-applications/ ) its case reference 13/01899/RENE. The neighbour consultation period ends this Sunday (August 11th) and I'm quite shocked that I've only heard about this today from a work colleague who is objecting. We haven't been informed of this application despite it, obviously, having a huge impact on the skyline for miles around and undoubtedly, house values will be affected for people on the Hazelmere Estate, outskirts of Bedlington and also Nedderton. As for the noise, an independent report included with the application, states that the sound will be close to a car passing at 40mph 100m away, obviously this sound is day and night and is constant. I was viewing the documents online this morning which includes a mock up photograph from a few different angles and to say its horrendous is an understatement. For some reason though, those documents have now disappeared from the portal, hopefully they come back online soon so local residents can view them. To object, please email planningcomments@northumberland.gov.uk, before Sunday 11th August (not long I know!).

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