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  1. Thanks so much for that information, Bill. It takes someone who was there to tell it how it really was. I never knew at the time how hard and dangerous it was for the miners. I'll always be proud of what my dad was. I hope your accounts help Steven find out what he is looking for.
  2. Thanks. I'd forgotten about The Journal!
  3. Hi Stephen. See my newspaper cuttings I've just posted.
  4. I've got a couple of newspaper cuttings about my dad's death on 19th December 1972. Not sure which paper. I think we mostly got the Evening Chronicle.
  5. Thanks for that information. I shall definitely visit one day!
  6. Does anyone know the date of the oldest headstone here? I love looking for the really old ones. And is the church open during the week? I'd like to visit when I'm next up there.
  7. Thanks! How do you know that? Do you have any more information about them, please?
  8. Thanks so much for sharing that map. It makes me want to explore all those places again!
  9. I wonder if this is the same opencast area that I know about. It was behind our house in Netherton Lane (on the map now it says Westlea in that area). In 1963 my brother George drowned in a trench in an old opencast site which hadn't been filled in. It was soon filled in after that. Does anyone remember anything about that, please?
  10. I love looking at these photos of Shiney Row, as I'm sure my mum Alice Lynn was born there. Her mum was Mary Anne and dad was George who worked down the pit. I'd love to know if anyone remembers anything about them.
  11. I remember the shop well. Bought far too many sweets there!
  12. Me too! I've obviously been away too long!
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