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  1. Hi, GE can be a bit quirky at times, but Street View is excellent as the historic street images are not easily available in GE. I tend to swap between them. Grahame
  2. @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)many thanks. I do use Google Street View quite a bit in my line of work. The aerial photo beside the map is from the National Library of Scotland Side by Side viewer (https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=5&lat=56.00000&lon=-4.00000&layers=1&right=ESRIWorld). It's very handy for a quick look and the maps the library holds against recent aerial photos. Thank you for the heads up on the school site. The historic street view does tell quite a visual tale and the 2016 image shows the site with the school gone and before construction of the flats started. Beside the church the flats are something of a striking visual difference. Have you used Google Earth Pro (free)? Tha also provides older aerial pictures (some of better quality than others). I have also order a copy of 'Barrington Colliery Village (Bar'n'ton)' by S.B. Martin.
  3. It's a funny feeling when buildings you know well are demolished. Two of the houses I grew up in no longer exist and my secondary school was demolished about 5 years ago. As an archaeologist, my relationship with the past changes the nearer it comes to living memory.
  4. Hi, In a much better state than Bedlington Old School (recorded in 2014): https://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/library/browse/issue.xhtml?recordId=1153089&recordType=GreyLitSeries vindomor1-197083_1-1.pdf
  5. Hi Alan, Many thanks for this. I have a subscription to Ancestry, but for the 1921 census I am paying by record. Unfortunately, I don't live locally (I'm in Rutland). My grandfather moved to London in the 1930s, where he met my grandmother (Beatrice). They moved back to Ashington in the late 50s.
  6. I will certainly look through them (I've also e-mailed the person at the website to add a little extra detail if desired). Ernest must have attended the school as he was living with his grandparents, Henry and Elizabeth, as the time of the 1921 census; his mother had moved south and remarried. I may also take you up on offer to answer questions. Thank you, Grahame
  7. Hi, Thanks for this link, I haven't seen this before and I 'suspected' there may be a photo of him following his death, but hadn't tracked one down. This is fantastic. I don't know if they are related, possibly. I also have a great-great-grandfather and mother, Henry and Elizabeth Dixon, living at Railway Row, Bedlington, according to the 1891 census. They had a daugher, Sarah Ellen Dixon, who married Henry. After he was killed she married a Joseph Shelton (London) and moved to Greenwich c. 1919. Grahame
  8. I think we all do this around this time of year. I'm convinced it's still 2020!
  9. Hi Alan, You are correct re: the 1921 census. There was a Chapel Row in Bedlington as well - see attached (source National Library of Scotland Map Images. Below is the transcript from the 1921 census; the address is given as both Bedlington and Barrington: First name(s) Ernest Last name Appleby Sex Male Birth year 1906 Census date 19 June 1921 Age in years 15 Age in months 5 Age as transcribed 15 y 5 m Relationship to head Grandson Marital status Single Birth place Bedlington, Durham, England Birth county Durham, Northumberland Birth country England Transcribed birth place Bedlington Nationality British Occupation Coal Miner Driver Occupation code 043 Occupation code with suffix 043/6 Employer Bedlington Coal Co Ld Employer code 030 Place of work Barrington Language used to complete form English Person making return Henry Dixon House number 18 Street Chapel Row, Bedlington Address 18 Chapel Row, Bedlington Full address as transcribed 18 Chapel Row, Barrington Parish Bedlington Registration district Morpeth Registration district number 564 Sub-district Bedlington Sub-district number 2
  10. Thank you Canny lass. I've gleaned quite a bit already from the forum. My grandfather died when I was three, so have had very little to go on. He moved to London in the early 1930s and after the war returned to Northumberland to work on the buses. His father is included on the war memorial in the hall; not sure about the war memorial itself. Grahame
  11. Hi, Just found this site, and what a great thread. My grandfather (Ernest Appleby) lived in 18 Chapel Row (as of the 1921 census). His father (Henry) was killed on the 1st day of the Somme in 1916, and Ernest was living with his grandfather (Thomas Appleby - 1845-1923). Grahame
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