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  1. Yes John and Ruth were his adoptive parents. I think Margaret might have also been their daughter, but Ruth would have been 15 when she was born so I’m not 100% sure. Also Margaret disappeared off the radar before and after his birth, so not sure what happened to her.
  2. I'm not sure what my Dad's address was at the time, but I know my great grandparents lived in Kurri Kurri Villa in Bedlington.
  3. I’ve been researching my family history and have come to a bit of a dead end and wondered if anyone here might be able to help. My Grandad Stanley Allen Burn was born to Margaret Ann Burn on 18/2/1933 and was adopted by someone else in the family. No father was named on the birth certificate but her address was 25 Beatty Road, Bedlington. I’m assuming they kept in touch as my Dad remembers going to that address when he was little, but no one spoke of what had happened (as was the norm back then!) I can’t find anything about Margaret or how she fits into the ‘Burn’ family. If anyone can shed any light I would be grateful! 😀
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