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  1. Now this is getting more and more curious. Is it possible my G Nan was dropping the J from her name at times or are these 2 totally different individuals being confused for one another? I'm developing a headache in this family research I think, however I'll never give in...Try as I might I couldn't find Elijah getting married so well done for finding him.. is he the same one from Haltwhistle
  2. Hi I am unsure if this is the same person as this is Margaret A J however my G Nan is just Margaret A. However I discovered this detail although whether parent, sibling or other relative is unknown at this moment, on the reverse of a copy of the younger image...Blyth connection by the looks of it.
  3. Thanks all and sorry it has been so long, I can't find my login details and have a new profile, still myself I promise. Just in case here are a couple of photos of my G nan to see 8f anyone recognises them
  4. Thanks for the help, I really do appreciate it
  5. Thanks for the enquiries they are ongoing and I have been in contact with John directly on messenger now as well, I thought it easier. Still unsure if there is a connection as yet but I for one keep looking and he I believe is going to ask his side as well. I mentioned in my other profile, a post called Shame and Scandal in The Family that what I was told is my G Nan Muriel Walker was married to someone else and I recall being told the name Nesbitt or Naisbet as her married name and have seen that name on this site as well. I was told by nan how she remembered aunts and uncles walking by and ignoring them as if they didn't exist because of the situation. There is a link with Hirst Villas or Terrace I believe as this on her birth certificate is where she was born. Muriel my G Nan is pictured here as a young lady and when older as well to see if this jogs any memories, if needs be I can put them up separately as well.
  6. Thank you for that and I realised I have already got a profile on here under my name if he would like to get in touch via FB can you pass him my name which is Paul Billanie
  7. Thank you for this, I am not even sure if that is a true event in the life of J Waldock just information passed down...if true it was many years later as my nan was born in 1926
  8. Hi I am also interested for the following year. I ave been told there is a possibility one of the team is my great grandfather....bit of a scandalous affair with my Great Nan hence only a possibility...Mr Waldock is that possible...is that right, was he on the team? Middleton is in both
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