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  1. The cemetary is a great place to go either by yourself or with your dog to chill out for boosting mental health or with kids to teach them a thing or two. I can't be the only one who remembers being taken by Meadowdale Middle School on science/history and art field trips here. There is so much to see and learn, mostly in the old section, but the wildlife there is astonishing. Over the past few years I've seen a kestrel, a barn owl, foxes, tree creepers, woodpeckers, sparrowhawks, a weird possibly crossbreed white rabbit population (???), bullfinches, long tailed tits and much more. The trees and wildflowers are also amazing, not to mention the art of the grave engravings and some of the incredible stories and histories of the families laid to rest there. I'd hate to think that NCC is trying to make it into an empty no-go zone and I still can't understand what possible reason there is for wanting the rear of the new cemetary blocked off when it's such a sizeable area. I'd encourage everyone in Bedlington to take a walk around the place and just enjoy it, responsibly, of course.
  2. Can you confirm, once they've completed this work will the piles of soil and torn up hedgerow be removed from the much used entrance point where they've piled it? I was wondering if this was the latest attempt to deter people from entering, in particular dog walkers, the majority of whom are totally responsible and clean up after their dogs. But as a many residents agree, this is a point where lots of people enter this large graveyard after walking along the black path from the south west of the town. I understand that there were a few reports of lamping in the beginning of 2020 (before they blocked it up with metal fencing which was subsequently pulled down by residents wishing to enter) but no reports at all in the previous few years before this, which was said to be the reason why they were trying to block the rear entrances. I find it a bit astonishing that given the level of use of entry here, the overall size of the cemetary, and the fact that it's 2021 and this is, as I see it, Bedlington's only urban woodland, that NCC have been attempting to block access there.
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