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  1. The Wansbeck Special 2013.

    © Bob Tame

  2. A steam Special, the Wansbeck, carries passengers past tthe remains of Bedlington Station in 2013.

    © Bob Tame

  3. Yes I have found him now, I think he was Thomas William Neave, and Married Penny Gray in 1962. I can trace his Family back to 1766 at which time they lived 10 miles from my Neave Family in Norfolk. I haven't found a link that says he's related to me, but its very useful info for identifying this other Neave family. One of My Neave Ancestors also started a business in Blyth with my Great Uncle, they were Neave and Proom and were wagon builders just after WW1, They emigrated in 1920s to South Africa and had a wagon works there for many years.
  4. William Neave, My Great Grandmother's Brother, lived at 47 North Terrace (on 1911 Census) but by 1939 he had moved to a retired Miners Home in Hartford, where he died in 1939. Thanks for the info.
  5. Thanks, I've made a note of him, and will see if I can find any info on him. I know that apart from my direct relatives there was a second family of Neave living nearby, so he might be one of mine or of this second family.
  6. Thanks Alan, I hadn't paid attention to which Bedlington Pit he was at but that's interesting information which I will look at again. I have found relatives born at Sleekburn, and family members at Bedlington Station, so it's interesting to see the distinction between Bedlington and Bedlington Station. A few seemed to have moved to Choppington as well so they were scatted about the area, My own great Grandma, while living in Bedlington met and married a man from Seaton Sluice, who worked at New Hartley Pit, and they lived in both of those places. I often wonder how they met. I have attached the inquest article re Robert, which may be of interest.
  7. Thanks Alan, one of my Relatives is on the mining museum list, Robert Neave, Stoneman, died in 1922 as a result of accident in 1915 according to Newspaper report at the time of his death. It may be the reason his son John, moved away from Bedlington to Leeds before his death in Africa in WW2.
  8. My Ancestors also moved to Bedlington From Norfolk, One family (Slaughter) moved between 1860 and 1870 and the other one (Neave) moved after the head of house died, his wife (A daughter of the Slaughter family) brought her 8 children there, some of who went straight to work in the Mines. I heard that the Collieries were offering some sort of assisted passage (by Rail) to people in Norfolk (where agricultural workers were being replaced by machines) to the North east where more Miners were needed for the expanding coal industry. I would like to find some evidence of this, but haven't found any yet.
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