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  1. I Remember Joyce Miller.
  2. Hello All, Back in the mid 1980's I had the a nasty back injury and was scheduled to go to Hartford Hall as an outpatient for physio therapy. Suddenly a residential spot became available so I was there full time, except for weekends, for several weeks. It was a facility for injured miners and police as well as the NHS and had a small mine to help the miners recover and get back to work. I never saw it myself but believe it was a small drift mine on the grounds. Anyway, miners and police being characters, there was the almost compulsory story of the Grey Lady who wou
  3. Is there anyone else I could talk to on this subject please?
  4. Hi All, I came across this site when looking into Hartford Hall. One of your members, who subsequently passed away was asking about the Grey Lady and was in discussions with Keith Locky. I wanted to follow up on the Grey Lady story. I am not a Bedlington resident but know it, having been a resident at Hartford Hall and coming from High Howden, Wallsend used to cycle through Plessy Checks on the way to Morpeth.
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