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  1. I Remember Joyce Miller.
  2. Hello All, Back in the mid 1980's I had the a nasty back injury and was scheduled to go to Hartford Hall as an outpatient for physio therapy. Suddenly a residential spot became available so I was there full time, except for weekends, for several weeks. It was a facility for injured miners and police as well as the NHS and had a small mine to help the miners recover and get back to work. I never saw it myself but believe it was a small drift mine on the grounds. Anyway, miners and police being characters, there was the almost compulsory story of the Grey Lady who would moan and groan in the 3rd floor domed room and haunt the corridors and in particular the first floor west wing rooms at night. There were the usual pranks with sheets and things so I thought it was just a big joke until one Thursday night I was woken up by someone shaking my shoulder, but when I opened my eyes no one was there. I waited over an hour before I could go back to sleep and there was definitely no one there and all the others in the room were fast asleep. Every week there was sort of a party for the residence/patients and on my last day one of the outpatient miners told me he was surprised I had lasted in "that bed". He had been in it but when the Grey Lady had woken him up by shaking his shoulder so he would not go back and went outpatient, which is why I had been suddenly given the bed. He described exactly what had happened to me. But I had told no one out fear I was being wound up by the other patients and when I told him it had also happened to me he was very sincere in his reaction and told me of the Grey Lady who had thrown herself out of the 3rd floor domed room window to her death. Before I left I went up to the third floor domed room, strangely the entire third floor was vacant. In the room, despite the radiators being too hot to touch, there was an icy feel to the room. I have often wondered about the Grey Lady but never found out anything about her. If anyone could give me some information on her I would be grateful Thanks
  3. Is there anyone else I could talk to on this subject please?
  4. Hi All, I came across this site when looking into Hartford Hall. One of your members, who subsequently passed away was asking about the Grey Lady and was in discussions with Keith Locky. I wanted to follow up on the Grey Lady story. I am not a Bedlington resident but know it, having been a resident at Hartford Hall and coming from High Howden, Wallsend used to cycle through Plessy Checks on the way to Morpeth.
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