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  1. Thanks Alan for the interesting photos and for passing my query to your forum colleague. The team photos are very useful- a few new team names to consider!
  2. Thanks Ovalteeny- I will be in touch via email in a few minutes.- It seems we share similar interests.
  3. Hi All, I am new to the forum and wonder if anyone could help me with my hobby- tracking the history of amateur football clubs in the North East. I used to live in Newcastle but moved away for work many years ago. I'm retired now and building up a complete record of club movements between 1958/59 to 1964/65. I have read all the articles on football on the forum and found them all fascinating- you get a real appreciation of the sporting, industrial and social history of the area. Would anyone be able to answer the following queries? West Sleekburn Welfare- This club played in the Northern Alliance up to 1959. Did the club fold or move into a district/Miners Welfare league? I know the Colliery closed in 1962 and I assume the club disappeared with the colliery. Northern Combination - This league featured a number of ex Northern Alliance clubs along with works teams dotted along the Tyne. Would anyone have a record of club membership in the 1958/59, 1959/60, 1961/62, 1962/63 seasons? Any information would be appreciated- old fixture details or league tables-anything to help me fill in the gaps in my records. Northumberland Miners Welfare League- Was this league a "recreational " competition and who were the strongest clubs involved between 1958- 65? I read somewhere the league was split into two sections- North and South- Would anyone know the champions? I know this as an obscure query - but any information will help me piece together a record of a vanishing era and hopefully bring years of obsessive research to a nice conclusion! Thanks for your time!
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