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  1. On 02/05/2021 at 11:40, Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) said:

    Back in 1960 Ken Russell made a remarkable film about mining in Northumberland called The Bedlington Miners' Picnic. John Gibson was a Bedlington miner in the 1960's working down the pit and making a decent living. He was also the real life star of a Ken Russell documentary film - The Bedlington Miners' Picnic in 1960. One of the photos taken was of John Gibson, of Bedlington, going work, at Pegswood Colliery, on his bike along Shiney Row.

    With one photo Ken Russell posted he added some info saying the miner was - 'on his way back home from his shift' but my view is that the miner is cycling out of Shiney Row, onto the main raid, to make his way to Pegswood Colliery. 

    This is the photo, with the Dr Pit in the background, with some of the info that went with the photo :- 

    1960 Inside Out Ken Roach.jpg

    OH! REALLY!? I’ll have to tekaluk at that. Thank you for the info 😁🌈xxR 

  2. I do believe Maud Bower married John Carr ) wand they lived??24 or 26 Windsor Gardens when I grew up at 16, Windsor Gardens. She was my mum’s friend for a long time. When my parents were working we (my estranged brother and myself were taken in by Auntie Maud and she would experiment her culinary skills on us because “Uncle John “ insisted on plain fare. Cor! I’d forgotten all about the bacon omelettes which we thought were peculiar but ate them regardless because we were always hungry 🤔🌈xx

  3. 3 hours ago, Canny lass said:

    Here's one the right way up, but I still don't know who it is?

    upside down 2.jpeg

    I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of this pesky website! Trying to insert a map record of our travels (2 women and 2dogs, no boat just boots) now attempting to post map of our route. Didn’t locate the elusive Puce Bush site, but wth, maybe next time? @Canny lass and @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)  courtesy of @Alan dickson ‘s friend with the amorous black Labrador Barnie, found out that the area with the earthworks and yellow digging machines adjacent to the field with concrete things (ventilation for the buried landfill in the old Barnton clay pit) is, in fact, a training area for people to learn how to use yellow digging machines! Simple, straightforward- no mystery/history although highly likely that @Canny lass and her friends mucked about with those bricks from the nearby brickworks at some point in times past!?! I’m just putting off my high dive into the pool of digital information transmission- I’m the gal who can’t even post photos the right way up 🙃🤣😂😁🌈x

    In hindsight I should have chosen a different colour to record our route 🙄🌈x


  4. 52 minutes ago, Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) said:

    @Canny lass- some of Alan Dickson's paintings that he posts on the Bygone Bedlington, Cambois and Barrington groups.


    This photo I would say was 50+ years ago - could be Netherton Colliery - see text.


    Alan did join this group in 2014 but was only active for just under 5 months.  



    Alan Dickson.png

    Alan often posts a poem abut each of his paintings. This is a typical Alan Dickson poem :- 

    Mind I had a funny dream , I was tossing and turning,

    Guess I had too much to dream,

    Just couldn't fall properly asleep,

    I remember I was aboot halfway counting the sheep.

    The cortins kinda fluttered and an old  wummin came in from oot of the mist,came forward and sat on the side of the bed and gave me a kiss,

    I knaa I noticed the silver strands in her auburn hair,

    And the sparkly things dancing aboot in her eyes,

    Bugger this old lad  was very surprised,

    To see his Mother putting a hand forward and stroking his head,,

    I reckon she must have thowt I was worried aboot this or that,

    But to tell the truth I didn't know what,

    She just spoke the once!! Son am nivvor very far away,

    I watch you every day!!

    I know your getting old, and the hairs whiter than grey,

    So your Mother thought she'd better call in  and tell you,

    In her eyes, your still her little lad at the end of the day,

    She gave a little smile and drifted back oot in the mist,

    Now I wasn't sure if I had been dreaming or not.

    But I felt my hand ganning up to touch the spot where I thowt she had kissed,

    I must have fell back into deep sleep,

    Cos I couldn't see any more sheep.


    Wow! The tears are falling like sparkling diamonds after reading this and thinking of the lovely gentleman we met in the woods today. He was brimming with information, made sure we found the Low Pit shaft enclosure in the trees, and he went on to tell @Josimarsz about her grandparents, who he knew and remembered, things she she never knew! As we walked back to our cars we both agreed that this morning’s meeting was equivalent to meeting David Bowie or David Hockney: 🌟 status. Like “a kiss from the Pope!” (we’re not Catholic mind) A grand day out indeed 😁🌈x

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  5. So sorry @Canny lass the gentleman is Alan Dickson, a local hero, artist and sage. When @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)needs Barrington Barnton Remembered information @Alan dickson is the go-to man! I believe Alan Dickson is the Eggy equivalent for Barrington. Sorry about the upside down pic, it was right way up till I posted it. The gals are Josephine MiBestie and the dishevelled selfie’s author myself RoseanneRainbow 😁x

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  6. @pilgrim @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948), when I passed my 11plus @ the Cooncil Juniors in 1968 those were the schools offered, I went to BGS along with classmate Vivien Joyce, MiBestie Josephine Sumner got packed off to Morpeth. My impression is that it was choice then; decisions were based on travelling costs and parents history; my Dad was a BGS man , played school football with Bobby Charlton.🌈xx

  7. On 13/06/2021 at 22:22, lilbill15 said:

    Right on Sherlock!! Nowt gets past your beady-eyed powers of perception and razor-sharp deduction!! xx

    @Canny lasson reading this comment again it sounds facetious and possibly even sarcastic. I apologise, this was not my intention; I was ineptly attempting to convey my continuing admiration of your acute scrutiny and attention to detail. I think you are an adept detective of maps and photos, perceptive and precise (hence my reference to Sherlock H) My very best regards Roseanne xx

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  8. On 13/06/2021 at 21:46, Canny lass said:

    She probably knew that you were destinied to do great things with old photos of the area later in life. Mothers are good at that sort of thing.

    Is it another of my clouded memories but was there a blue “hut”, behind the Church of Christ where I spent a lot of time at a youth club of sorts? I also definitely attended young teenage disco’s, in the Methodist church hall, remember that always finished with ‘the party’s over 🎶’ x I’m unclear about my Brownies career but suspect that was at the back of the Trinity church? Regular flibbertigibbit, me 😁x

  9. 12 hours ago, Canny lass said:

    I'm having difficulty seeing those two buildings as one and the same church.

    One is stone built, the other is brick built.

    The brickbuilt church has corner buttresses.

    The windows have different sizes and placements.

    The roof angles are different.


    Right on Sherlock!! Nowt gets past your beady-eyed powers of perception and razor-sharp deduction!! xx

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