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  1. And thank you very much @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)Xx I’ll have to read this a couple more times before I start to understand it!! I’ll also take up @Canny lass‘s suggestion that I get to the library and see what I can do there. I’ve just been mucking about with this iPad and (I think) I’ve enlarged a section of an old map indicating Puce Bush Farm and saved it in the Apple book app?? You’ll find out if/when I manage to post it to you 🤞🏻👩🏼‍💻🙇🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️(not a patch on your moving emojis!) I’m a very untechnical (not a real word according to this iPad!) sort of person but I’ll work with it slowly and take frequent breaks so I don’t make it feel like hard work. Best regards dear Sir, watch this space 😁🌈x
  2. Hello Bluebarby, sir! Your name has been mentioned in dispatches so far?x So great to meet you in the ether 😉xx
  3. June 2021- found reference to Christopher Million at University of Northumbria, THINK I’ve forwarded it to Bedlingtoncouk 🌈xx
  4. @pilgrim @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948), when I passed my 11plus @ the Cooncil Juniors in 1968 those were the schools offered, I went to BGS along with classmate Vivien Joyce, MiBestie Josephine Sumner got packed off to Morpeth. My impression is that it was choice then; decisions were based on travelling costs and parents history; my Dad was a BGS man , played school football with Bobby Charlton.🌈xx
  5. Aah, HPW, what was your little dog’s name, and his/her name, please? D’you have that photo? I’m a strong dog lover, they’re as much a part of our history in my belief 🌈xx
  6. @Cympil are you a previous incarnation of @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) or a close relative? 🌈xx
  7. Dear Hillbilly, I think that bloke with the briefcase is a WUMMAN! xx
  8. @Canny lass including Kalimotxo and Cloud Eggs?? I wouldn’t be at all surprised- you’re as smart as @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948). I naively thought you two must be married early on… what a dynamic partnership that would be! Cronus and Rhea? Reincarnation? 😁🌈xxx
  9. Halloo! @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)and @Canny lass !! I’ve discovered a) how to access the old maps and b)National Archives and c) Archaeological surveys! Baby steps, just toddling but moving forward at last. Clueless about where to start with photographic archives (?Alan Eggy??any clues?) Don’t know yet what a URL is or what those other boxes are, but 🎼give me a little time to work it out 🎶xx
  10. Hedge trimmers returned unused, terrified of chopping off any necessary extremities 😬😱👆🏻!!!, machines are NOT my forte 😁🌈xxx
  11. Haha @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)! Not as young as that but keen to take up the baton. Thick as a brick and computer semi-illiterate, would need guidance and probably technical support. I now have an iPad plus iPhone, please don’t say I need a computer; however I am prepared to bite the IT bullet if necessary. I think history is what brings us to where we are now and mustn’t be lost otherwise we’ll just keep going around in circles 😁🌈xx
  12. @Canny lass Bliddy politicians! They ruin politics. Impression of SD according to some TV documentaries here is closer to UK National Front:- anti immigration/racist. I’m not offering any opinion, just trying to learn/understand. What’s happening with the rent policy- is capitalist gain usurping social/moral philosophy? It’s difficult to see the truth from a distance, I’d appreciate your insight, but also appreciate if you want to say “mind your own business “. I just wonder a lot 😁🌈xxx
  13. @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)Is it me, or are you pulling out all the stops? Churning stuff out so it’s all out there? Is your encyclopaedic knowledge stored safely somewhere; do you have a protégé/acolyte to carry on your knowledge? There’s too much to lose, dear heart, please reassure your fans that the history you have at your fingertips is in some form of parcel which can be “opened in the event of……”, please? xxxxx🌈xxx
  14. My next mission is to try to stand on the site of the relics of these buildings….. 😁🌈xx
  15. Hey @Canny lass! I’d LERVE to see a photo of the in your iridescent purple hat!? Does Frank Zappa feature anywhere? xx
  16. Cor! I see- 8 parties? I fancy Annie Loof, middle of the road’ish x
  17. Xx Hey @Canny lass, I’m being lazy- what’s going on in Sweden then? How does a government fall? Will you be having elections? I’ll Google it. Please forgive my ignorance xx
  18. @John Fox (foxy)HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ❣️xx
  19. Thank you very much, 25 is recorded as Valerie Rainbow 🌈 xxx
  20. My Dad’s mum was nee Lily Rainbow, sisters Violet and? Iris. There was his grandad Matthew (Matty) who I was told lived Millfield area. There was (is?) (great-?) uncle Jimmy Rainbow, Lily’s ?brother, I remember watching a Picnic day parade from the window of his upstairs sitting room Front Street East app 1967. I think there are ?cousins Joy and Valerie nee Rainbow. Anyone able to add/advise, please? x
  21. And LIKE, and 😂🌈x P.S. Just discovered the family history section of this group, embarking on some family history investigating 😁😁x
  22. Hoping this’ll go a little way to substitute for the Green Letch xx
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