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  1. Hi @Jammy yup, that was a regular “Dadism”! 😁🌈xx
  2. haha @Tonyp, gotcha 😉 x No, see, my Dad Frank Hutton was born in the room behind the top left window of what is now 24 Millbank Crescent 14th November 1933; in 1974ish he was manager of the Jobcentre in Longridge House next to the Cooncil Orifices in Bedlington. He was always My Local Hero; he died 9th November 2017 . Since finding Bedlington.co.uk I’ve been looking into his life before I knew him and folks have been VERY kind and helpful especially @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) and @Canny lass and I will be eternally grateful to this dynamic duo 🌈xxx
  3. Hiya x thanks for your prompt response. I’m looking for 50’s/60’s simply the name of the street that was opposite Beech Grove before Brook Close. I’ve seen a street map for that part of Bedlington also a B/W photo “?….. buildings “ I’ve got them somewhere but not so easy to locate. Forgive my “putting on to you “, if you’re busy I’ll get on and find it myself, eventually; no worries xx Also, if you take this on, no hurry, absolutely just when you’ve got some spare time 😁🌈, thanks xxx
  4. @Vic Patterson🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻😁🌈xxx
  5. Good evening Mr Edgar, hoping you are keeping well? x I’m feeling extremely lazy this evening; I’m looking for a street plan of Vulcan place, beech grove millbank terrace:- looking to find the name of the buildings which were replaced by Brook Court? I’ve had another long busy day and I’m struggling with BedCoUk search tool, I’m too tired to wrestle 🙁xx I know you’ll have the answer 🤩xx
  6. , hmm, please forgive my first very amateurish video attempt; explanation/clarification available if required 😁🌈x (the brown/white shape on the fence post was a buzzard) x 92146DDB-9ED8-43F9-8CF6-066C1CAA3006.MOV
  7. Oh, sorry @Canny lass, not laughing at you, but that I knew the previous shop name could cause MORE confusion than the colour-changing door already has! Blessim, @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)has saved my having to explain x. He’s like a ferret up a drainpipe when information is needed. I’ve got about 20 pics re: Puce Bush but I’m too tired this evening, again, to edit. I’m in the garden, slumped and about to retire indoors and slump on the couch, probably to sleep soon. DID get to Puce Bush location…. to be continued… xxx
  8. Yay! Fingers crossed that it’s not another flash in the (COVID frying) pan 🤞🏻xx
  9. @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) @Canny lass ,yes, thank you sir, that’s where the confusion has been increased. It’s useful to know the date of the street view images in order keep abreast of changes. The door looks a very dark blue from the pavement, my photos were hasty as I didn’t want to get caught photographing a stranger’s facade . I’ve had a very long and busy day, spent the morning in Choppington Community Wood investigating Puce Bush Farm...... My bath is ready, dinner prepared for after and Netflix menu waiting. Enjoy the football folks, good luck to your respective teams xx
  10. @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) @Canny lass Eeek! Not the best app this streetview: I’ve attached a screenshot of Google streetview showing where the white door came from: had to literally totter down from Millbank Terrace, round the corner and along to the end of the Crescent to see how it looked when the app was recorded. @Josimarsz , who lives around the corner, believes the door is a very deep blue: it is obviously a replacement for the previous white door. Yes, I believe you’re right about the flats @Canny lass, makes absolute sense. I remember Dad recounting a rare night of bombing back 39-45 (likely first half) with Nanna running up the front stairs through the house and out down the back stairs, then turning around and up the back through and down the front stairs again in her panic 😱! So I thought seven in that house sounded cramped?- seven in an upstairs flat sounds absolutely sardine-like 😳xxx This thingy is definitely on the blink today, I tried to send this reply over an hour ago and it just wouldn’t happen; trying again now…. xx
  11. @Canny lass @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) at last! This thingy has been playing up and I’ve been trying to send you today’s pics- you two are really getting down to sorting out the puzzle between you. It’s like watching a tag team at work, you’re marvellous to behold 🤩! I’m attaching the same photos for Mr Edgar that I was unable to send to him earlier; apologies for the repetition @Canny lassx
  12. @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) Ignore this “Check out The Pantry” re the missing house. I’ll start by working back through previous census records and see when number 25 stopped appearing 🕵️‍♀️Xx Shared via the # Google streetview Ignore this “Check out The Pantry” re the missing house. I’ll start by working back through previous census records and see when number 25 stopped appearing 🕵️‍♀️Xx Shared via the #StreetView app https://www.google.com/maps/@55.1327323,-1.5854866,3a,75y,316.34h,89.83t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sR1YVsTp9NjwGTKy1lvCtpw!2e0 Hoping I’ve done this properly 🤞🏻xx
  13. Why am I being required to write in this field in order to submit my response, please? xx
  14. @Josimarsz@Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) Bless you! I’m sorry to have misled you and caused any unnecessary work the blue plaque is wishful thinking on my part:- it’s the HOUSE which is missing! Millbank Crescent stops at a house with 24 on the door. My Dad regularly pointed to the left upstairs window of that house and it was listed on @Canny lass’s 1939 census as 25, and 7 occupants listed. !! Where has it gone?? Time for more detective 🕵️‍♀️ work… but not tonight; I’ll sleep on it, goodnight all 😴 xx
  15. https://www.bedlington.co.uk/messenger/174/?tab=comments#comment-519
  16. Ah, @Canny lass! I’m shocked to hear that Brexit has had such a negative impact outside the UK! I was in the quite substantial “remainers” peeps and I’m now scoffing quietly to myself every time I hear Brits whinging about the problems that Brexit has caused eg the fishermen who can no longer sell their catch to Europe or the farmers who have disintegrating meat and dairy products because it takes so long to export!! Didn’t any of them consider this when 52% of them voted to leave?! Very sad to hear that folks who probably didn’t get the chance to vote are being impacted too! xx P.S. from personal experience I can suggest that German pharmacies are pretty well stocked with all sorts of products related to your condition. Trying not to sound “ageist!” you must look after your ellipsoids at your time of life lady. 😁xx
  17. 😬! @Canny lass. I’ve heard that Boots offers a special preparation for that. 🙄 xx
  18. hi there @Canny lass! Thanks for this stuff, very helpful indeed, could have taken me weeks to find out what those numbers were about xx Just need to ask you a personal question….”How’s your Airey ellipsoid these days?” 😉xx
  19. lilbill15

    Far-flung Beddies 😁x

    Dedicated to all of you in gratitude for your information, advice and memories: current pictures of the places you no longer see every day (requests accepted x)
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