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  1. So sorry @Canny lass the gentleman is Alan Dickson, a local hero, artist and sage. When @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)needs Barrington Barnton Remembered information @Alan dickson is the go-to man! I believe Alan Dickson is the Eggy equivalent for Barrington. Sorry about the upside down pic, it was right way up till I posted it. The gals are Josephine MiBestie and the dishevelled selfie’s author myself RoseanneRainbow 😁x
  2. 😁🌈xx you’ve got it; right age- thank goodness xx
  3. Guess who we met in the depths of Choppington Community Woods this morning??!! Only…. The One and Only…. Actually he doesn’t need naming because he’s already a legend in his own lifetime!! ❣️ @lilbill15 & @Josimarsz delighted to meet the Barnton legend in his natural habitat 😁🌈x

    © Duh

  4. Of course you’re right! I’m still navigating the corridors of this maze of information, as I get more familiar with the system it’ll get clearer I’m sure. That’s an excellent suggestion which I’ll act on tout de suite 🤗x
  5. Aye @Canny lass , there’s a few known recipes in there given personalised names- I love the “half pay pudding “! definitely a sign of those times; up there with mock duck and mock fish? I remember Dad telling me about an earlier birthday party for him during the war years, discovering that the “pineapple chunks “ in the trifle were actually swede! The vegetable of course, not marinated Scandinavian person 🤣 😁xx. P.S. found a Geordie cookbook online at my usual World of books , it’s in the post. Couldn’t find Wor lass’s yem cooking, so barter books for that ( they’re often more pricey) xx
  6. @Canny lass “Rolled beef” looks suspiciously like a Beef Olive??😉😋xx
  7. Nay, lad, like isn’t good enough, LOVE 💕, seeing this index, can’t wait to get hold of these cookbooks 😁🌈xx thanks very much. I’m going to post my favourite little old gem of a cookbook, I’m confident that copyright is not an issue with this one 😁🌈xxx
  8. @Vic Patterson brilliant 🤩 xx I’ve been looking for an original recipe for Pan Haggerty ferra good while now, I’m sure that’ll be in one, if not all, of those books. I’m planning to ask Don Lynn’s ?son for a sheep’s head plus intestines and lights. Loving the Swedish chef ( @Canny lass!) recipe for the head, and keen to have a go at kokoretsi, cos it’s looking unlikely I’ll get back to Greece anytime soon. Many thanks 😁🌈x
  9. Thank you very much, a grand day out to Alnwick is planned. I’ve also looked Merlin up, found info about him thanks xx
  10. @Canny lass Merlin 🧙‍♂️?
  11. Oh yes! And that’s and “must try” dish, thank you xx You refer to the Geordie Cookbook, is this your own collection or a publication out there somewhere, please? I’d love to peruse that, I’m the sad creature who can spend a couple of hours engrossed with a map or a cookbook 🌈x
  12. I suspect those magic dinner ladies made the heavenly concoction up 😁🌈x that one is easily reproduced because the basic ingredients were so obvious. Years later seeing chicken pilaf on the menu in my first Indian restaurant I was transported with joy, and crestfallen when the dish that turned up didn’t have any tinned spaghetti but turned out to be a great favourite rice dish which I’ve enjoyed many times in the intervening years 😋🌈x
  13. Aah, bless you, you’re keeping me right between yourself and @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948); I’m immensely grateful xx
  14. @Canny lass thank you very much for these special recipes. I can’t wait to get some beef while I’m thisaffa and get going; all south scrumptious. I’ll report back on the results many thanks for your patience and kindness 😁🌈x
  15. I suspect that they are members of this group, but only aware of one married name, sort of throwing out an open invitation for them to contact me while leaving them the option of choosing not to do so. Delicate subject 😁🌈x
  16. @Kevin1956& @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) I’m echoing Mr Eggy’s comments, dead interesting reading 😁, @Canny lasshas pointed me to the National Archives for more. What better to do on such a soggy day as it is here? A bowl of mutton pilaff, a full teapot and a rummage in historical documents, bliss! 😁🌈x
  17. Hmm, just about to say thank you very much for your advice and found this unsent message . I’m puzzled, I’m sure you’ve already answered it but sending anyway. Regards Roseanne
  18. Ooh thank you very much xxx. I’ve got an electric carving knife which gives me nice thin slices and does sterling work on soft fresh tiger bread, no wonky doorsteps anymore 😁x BUT the important thing is what is a proper beef olive stuffed with, please? I’ve found several options, including simple breadcrumbs, but haven’t managed to produce anything that resembles the yummy school dinner version. I’d be very grateful for your advice. Am I being greedy in asking about mutton pilaff? Was that simply tinned spaghetti and left over mutton baked together or something more elegant? 😁🌈x
  19. @Canny lassthanks, I’m delighted that you’ve confirmed this. I already use the National Archives (at your suggestion) am finding tons of stuff, thanks again. I’ll delve for the rest of these articles 😁xx
  20. Ah! Thanks for this; is he @Kevin1956?, then? I’m ashamed to say that name rings absolutely no bells, except I suspect it was he who staggered off the Waltzer and threw up at the side? Yes? 😁🌈x
  21. Bliddy hell @DAVESTAFF ! I had to read that twice to work out what you were saying; Yup, gotcha 👍🏻X Your friend wasn’t Foss, was he? 😁🌈xx
  22. Morning @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) x As usual you steered me to the right person. Done, sorted THANKS TO YOU ♥️🌈xx
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