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  1. @James many thanks for this James, however, without Blue House Farm as a reference point I’m a bit flummoxed. Green Letch position suggests I may be right in my supposition that the wood does occupy the position of the Francis Pit, and supports my theory that a lot of the old colliery sites were over planted with trees: BUT I do like to be sure. Maybe you could expand your map to cover Blue House Farm and B1331? , is that the right number for the Bed/Nedderton road, please? 😁🌈xxR
  2. OH! REALLY!? I’ll have to tekaluk at that. Thank you for the info 😁🌈xxR
  3. Photos six and eight are 6) Blue House Farm through the trees immediately to the West of the plantation which I think sits on top of where Francis Pit was. photo 8 looking back from Blue House Farm towards the trees on the site of ?Francis pit, new estate on the horizon. For my next trick I will attempt to conjure up the OS map for the area:……
  4. I’m going to try to negotiate this Bliddy awkward group site to upload some photos of where I suspect Francis Pit may have been. @Canny lass will no doubt confirm or shoot me down in flames 🤣😁🌈xxPhotos in chronological order from entrance to the cundy (as I call it=Green Letch corridor between two housing estates, then homing in at where the site of Francis Pit was) Roseanne 🌈xxR
  5. @Malcolm Robinson. LIKE +++! I was up there just before 7 this morning, soo peaceful and good for the soul. I visited Marsh Heslop’s grave while I was there, just to say hello, you’re missed Bonny lass and read the very moving messages left at her grave by her nearest and dearest. I confess I shed a few tears: this world has lost the little rainbow 🌈 which was Marsha. Adding to your list of the living residents of WestLea cemetery, not seen but heard in the evenings tawny owls, visible if you stand still long enough wrens and you’ll hear the little twittering flurries of goldfinches as they bustle about in the hedges. Our place in this life is put firmly into perspective by a visit to the resting places of our dead and, you’re absolutely right Malcolm, the young’ us should be guided to recognise that our own short span of time on Earth should be valued, used well and is ultimately brief in comparison to the bigger picture. The message being ‘don’t waste a single day and stop racing around making lots of noise, because you’re a long time dead . Spend your time wisely“ The Mexicans and the Japanese set aside special times to respect and revere their dead forbears: please Bedlington Council don’t put up a blockade to spiritually healthy meandering through this beautiful space! (However I do recognise that the a******s on dirt bikes do cause a lot of disruption and irritation- instead of closing access maybe just make it only accessible on foot? Regards RoseanneRainbow 😁🌈xxR
  6. I tend to limit online food shopping to Asda and Waitrose. Apart from a delicious black charcoal cheddar from somewhere in Derbyshire I prefer to source meat and veg locally. I like to support local small shops where possible. Hope(zetty) 🤣 this helps 😁🌈xxR
  7. Ooooh yes! Especially pork dip. Still do, then I’m no longer ready ferme dinner, goes in the microwave hours later when I’m not stuffed with bread’ dip 😁🌈xxR
  8. Depends upon the ingredients. I’m waiting for John Lynn of Don Lynn’s Bedlington to find me a sheep’s head for @Canny lass ‘s recipe suggestions 😁🌈x
  9. As a fairly recent newbie plus @Josimarsz, we have both agreed that this website is like Hampton maze , incredibly complicated, and that without Wizard @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) and Sorceress @Canny lass I would have given up long ago. It is NOT user-friendly for initiates. Veneration to the First Lord and Lady of Bedcouk , doffing my simple (non iridescent) straw hat to your sagacity 😁😁🌈xxx
  10. “Some things you don't have to promise. You just do” 😁🌈x
  11. I do believe Maud Bower married John Carr ) wand they lived??24 or 26 Windsor Gardens when I grew up at 16, Windsor Gardens. She was my mum’s friend for a long time. When my parents were working we (my estranged brother and myself were taken in by Auntie Maud and she would experiment her culinary skills on us because “Uncle John “ insisted on plain fare. Cor! I’d forgotten all about the bacon omelettes which we thought were peculiar but ate them regardless because we were always hungry 🤔🌈xx
  12. I’m laughing at myself! You’ve made me look more carefully and I can see the fencing continues in the background, another duh 🙄 for me xx
  13. Thank you very much you Wizard of the Archives ❣️. Yet again @Canny lass ‘ hawk eyes spotted the teething ring! I’d missed that Dad was born 1933, Don 1939, both preceding the removal of most of the iron railings. The unknown lady might be a clue if anyone recognises her, maybe her home? That takes me back to Lily Clark, but CL has already determined she was probably from the pit rows; maybe a possibility. Maybe also a coincidence that the photo is of an end-house, same was 25 Millbank Crescent. Studying his little face I’m convinced he’s my Dad; we both have the red blotchy complexion. Attached photo of me at a similar age 😁🌈x
  14. @Canny lass you’re too kind! 😁🌈x Ok let’s be honest and call them rolls of choccybickyexcess folds of flesh between mouth and collar 🐷. I shall start sporting a cravat to disguise the effects of my gluttony 😁🌈xxx
  15. Could this be the highly esteemed Lily Clark(e)????🤔🌈x
  16. Photos and amateur video have been submitted 😁🌈x
  17. just found: Dad (Frank Hutton) or Don Hutton with unknown lady in the “garden “, must be 25 Millbank Crescent, hopefully my elders and betters might be able to identify the locale? Over to you Bedlington.co.uk witches and wizards 😁🌈x
  18. It’ll probably help if I mention that the two pics of a sunny open space within the heart of the woods is the relic of Puce Bush Farm. I’ll need to go back at the end and year when the luxuriant meadow has died back in order to see what is underneath. If anyone wants still photos please message me, regards Roseanne 😁🌈x
  19. @Vic PattersonAh! It’s always sad to hear of an old friend’s passing, though the lady isn’t known to me. From your description your wife was a cornerstone in your family and your affection for her shines brightly in your description of her. Condolences for your great loss 😢🌈xx
  20. @HIGH PIT WILMA❣️X a very good afternoon to you BigBill, I’m delighted to hear from you, Sir x. Thoroughly enjoyed your narrative of your journey from Hollymount square to Choppington High Pit, especially in the snow, and earning a pittance no doubt? Did you take your bait box, and what was your favourite? Please tell me more about LBJ? I suspect your lil dog but surely not named ferra US President? I’m puzzled 🤔 xx Yes of course, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, my favourite song depends on today’s mood and the weather- currently “Otherside” 🎼heard your voice through a photograph I thought it up and brought up the past Once you know you can never go back I gotta take it on the other side🎶, reminds me a a lost love 💕. Tomorrow my favourite will be something else entirely. Your son has impeccable taste, obviously runs in the family 😁. Tell him I saw them live @ Coventry Stadium- WHAT A GREAT SHOW 🎶🤩😵‍💫!! Best regards RoseanneRainbow 😁🌈x
  21. Ignore the pink Choppington road, the other pink lines start and finish beside the Travellers Rest PH. I think I posted pics of my last excursion when I found the Puce Bush site, although I can’t find them? I probably put them in the wrong place? 🌈😁x
  22. I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of this pesky website! Trying to insert a map record of our travels (2 women and 2dogs, no boat just boots) now attempting to post map of our route. Didn’t locate the elusive Puce Bush site, but wth, maybe next time? @Canny lass and @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948) courtesy of @Alan dickson ‘s friend with the amorous black Labrador Barnie, found out that the area with the earthworks and yellow digging machines adjacent to the field with concrete things (ventilation for the buried landfill in the old Barnton clay pit) is, in fact, a training area for people to learn how to use yellow digging machines! Simple, straightforward- no mystery/history although highly likely that @Canny lass and her friends mucked about with those bricks from the nearby brickworks at some point in times past!?! I’m just putting off my high dive into the pool of digital information transmission- I’m the gal who can’t even post photos the right way up 🙃🤣😂😁🌈x In hindsight I should have chosen a different colour to record our route 🙄🌈x
  23. Wow! The tears are falling like sparkling diamonds after reading this and thinking of the lovely gentleman we met in the woods today. He was brimming with information, made sure we found the Low Pit shaft enclosure in the trees, and he went on to tell @Josimarsz about her grandparents, who he knew and remembered, things she she never knew! As we walked back to our cars we both agreed that this morning’s meeting was equivalent to meeting David Bowie or David Hockney: 🌟 status. Like “a kiss from the Pope!” (we’re not Catholic mind) A grand day out indeed 😁🌈x
  24. PLEASE don’t count the chins! More than double 😱I’ve gained a stone in weight since this Cursed Covid; isolation x2 +Netflix = mucho chocolato and biskwits 🐷🐘🌈xx
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