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  1. I’m told Benbecula is particularly fresh at this time of year and the airport is not usually overcrowded 😁🌈xxR
  2. Celebrated my 17th birthday in the Terrier 😁🤭😵‍💫‼️XxR
  3. I just tapped “reply “ to @Canny lass’s offer of home made jam and arrived here?? I’m confused and concerned 🤭🌈xxR
  4. Hey,Mr Fox, thanks for this. New things seem to be happening which is unsettling for the likes of me, who hasn’t yet mastered the intricacies of the site anyway. I had a red letter message saying I was replying too quickly and must wait for (can’t remember.. seconds or minutes) before I could submit my reply??? Seriously @Andy Millne??
  5. Yup, that was one of @Merlin’s posts. I do tend to get confused which of Bedlington’s Illuminati said what 🤗xxR
  6. great to see you’re back with us @Canny lass xxR ( or should I call you the “Jammy Dodger “, given your recent activities?? 🤣xxR
  7. Thank you very much Sir, just the reassurance I needed. Regards RoseanneRainbow ( off to Puce Bush Farm site this morning 😁🌈xxR)
  8. Sorry, when I learned to read we were told to start at the top of the page and travel down. I can’t understand the logic of following text UP the page x😁🌈xxR
  9. Hi there @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948), no no idea at all except that I forget that comments read backwards, read the? Intro then had to travel up the page to read the main content. I should be used to this by now 😁🌈xxR have you heard from @Canny lass recently? Wondering if she’s just busy but like to be sure she’s ok xxR
  10. As usual with this “wonky “ website I looked back and found the answers to the questions arising at the end of the post!! @Andy Millne!! Never mind the folks trying to get out of Broadacres, what about the residents along the B1331, I’ve already complained to NCC about the speeding from the Hazelmere roundabout to virtually Nedderton village. Yon ‘wonky’ roundabout doesn’t suggest a reduction in speed to any of the cars/motorbikes whose exhaust systems sound blown. Did Miller Homes have ANY consultation with the council about the impact that such HUGE new housing estates might have on the transport infrastructure of this relatively small town? All fine and dandy looking after the needs of the MANY new Bedlington residents but please let’s take a close look at the impact on the folks who were here before the new housing developments! R🌈xxR
  11. @Malcolm Robinson I tried fast forwarding got nothing. Please summarise, best regards RoseanneRainbow xxR
  12. @James many thanks for this James, however, without Blue House Farm as a reference point I’m a bit flummoxed. Green Letch position suggests I may be right in my supposition that the wood does occupy the position of the Francis Pit, and supports my theory that a lot of the old colliery sites were over planted with trees: BUT I do like to be sure. Maybe you could expand your map to cover Blue House Farm and B1331? , is that the right number for the Bed/Nedderton road, please? 😁🌈xxR
  13. OH! REALLY!? I’ll have to tekaluk at that. Thank you for the info 😁🌈xxR
  14. Photos six and eight are 6) Blue House Farm through the trees immediately to the West of the plantation which I think sits on top of where Francis Pit was. photo 8 looking back from Blue House Farm towards the trees on the site of ?Francis pit, new estate on the horizon. For my next trick I will attempt to conjure up the OS map for the area:……
  15. I’m going to try to negotiate this Bliddy awkward group site to upload some photos of where I suspect Francis Pit may have been. @Canny lass will no doubt confirm or shoot me down in flames 🤣😁🌈xxPhotos in chronological order from entrance to the cundy (as I call it=Green Letch corridor between two housing estates, then homing in at where the site of Francis Pit was) Roseanne 🌈xxR
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