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  1. Is Fletcher an old word for butcher? I’m looking at the moon again x
  2. Sorry to intrude, you’re obviously not MY Jojo! Apologies Rx
  3. Yup, I have politely suggested SOUTH EAST NORTHUMBERLAND, p👍lease x
  4. Correction- maybe not boots, possibly knee socks. But skirt length definitely well above the knee, suggests? at least 60’s for the John Dawson photo? Of course, I’m frequently wrong 🙃 x
  5. @Alan Edgar (Eggy1948)Dear Sir, thank you very much for this lovely sequence of flowers, I’m very grateful 🤗xx
  6. @Vic Patterson I’m sure you’re absolutely right, I blame the developers x
  7. Yup @Vic Patterson, I agree entirely; as long as it stays at Blyth- I think Blyth is sneaking in Bedlington’s backdoor 😳😱! Xx
  8. However, passports may become irrelevant if we are engulfed or subsumed into Blyth, the boundaries keep creeping closer. I know it’s just inevitable progress, as Sleekburn became Bedlington Station; looking at the old towns and villages which are now integral parts of cities throughout the country; inevitable. Too many people on this planet for the likes of me 😟, best regards Rx
  9. @Canny lasson reading this comment again it sounds facetious and possibly even sarcastic. I apologise, this was not my intention; I was ineptly attempting to convey my continuing admiration of your acute scrutiny and attention to detail. I think you are an adept detective of maps and photos, perceptive and precise (hence my reference to Sherlock H) My very best regards Roseanne xx
  10. Is it another of my clouded memories but was there a blue “hut”, behind the Church of Christ where I spent a lot of time at a youth club of sorts? I also definitely attended young teenage disco’s, in the Methodist church hall, remember that always finished with ‘the party’s over 🎶’ x I’m unclear about my Brownies career but suspect that was at the back of the Trinity church? Regular flibbertigibbit, me 😁x
  11. Ooh, you’re giving your age away there @Malcolm Robinson! Xx
  12. I’ll second your comment on getting to dinner on time @Malcolm Robinsonx by the bye I’m sure I’m not the only person to notice the large sign at the Horton junction beyond the Ha’penny woods saying “Welcome to Blyth”? Is Bedlington at risk of being swallowed? Maybe another reason to resist capitulating to the “Ashington/Blyth constituency “ suggested? x
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