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  1. Thank you. I am aware of the information available on Ancestry and have already compiled a family tree from that. I am interested here in whether there are any relatives of these families still in the area, or people who knew of them. My main interest is Joseph and Thomasina's daughter, also called Thomasina, born 1911 and in 1948 married someone called Edward Hart. As far as I can see Joseph and Thomasina (senior) also had a son Joseph who died as a baby, a daughter Florence , a daughter Mary born about 1906-7 and George born 1917. Florence, born 1903, married a Mr John Richard Miles (an arch
  2. Hello. I don't live in Bedlington area but am researching family history of Joseph and Thomasina Dawson (Thomasina was nee Jordan) who married in St. Cuthbert's Church, Bedlington, in Jan. 1899. They had at least 4 children though not all may have survived to adulthood. They are in the 1911 Census living at Netherton, and 1939 they lived at Morpeth, Crawford Terrace. It appears Thomasina died in 1947 aged 71. Joseph was born in Kirkheaton, and Thomasina in Pegswood. If anyone has any info about these families, I would be very interested. This is on behalf of a friend, it is not my own fa
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